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After the holidays, we find that the new toys become old, the busy schedules fall silent, and all the holiday activities have been done and enjoyed. Its still cold, wet and not friendly outside. We get cabin fever faster than I can poor my coffee, so out of sheer desperation, I’ve come up with some fun and light-hearted indoor activities my boys love!

My Top 5 Unconventional, Indoor Activities For Busy Toddlers:

Pillow Fight:

This really ends up being a pillow attack on myself. The boys love playing on the bed, throwing the pillows around and basically getting to show me their muscles and strength by nailing me in the face. The best part about this game is they really get some energy out. That is pretty much the goal with every activity: make them tired.



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Pizza Pizza!

I had this idea while we were running to one of our favorite grocery stores to grab a slice of pizza. The line was really long, and we were past our nap times. I decided we’d make our own pizzas at home. We got the sauce, cheese, pepperonis and pre-made crust (sorry, not rolling or making dough. Maybe next time). They loved this! I gave them a small bowl of sauce to spread with a spoon on their crust, then a bowl of cheese to sprinkle on top. It wasn’t the longest activity, but they were more excited to eat their pizza when they made it themselves. You can also grab these pizza kits that are super fun too!

Toddler Bootcamp:

Yep, I put them to work. Rather than have them bouncing off the walls and jumping on the counters, I dictate their exercise. I tell them they are army soldiers, and they have to get their muscles strong for the war and bad guys (this totally works!). Then, I demonstrate some Burpees, a bear crawl, a crab crawl, jump squats and more to force them into fatigue. I tickle, chase and do my best to keep them as excited as possible, which results in some tired pups. Bonus if you do it with them to get your workout in too!

Vacuum Fun:

This one I love because it helps me clean. I sweep piles of dust, dirt and crumbs into piles, and the toddlers take turns using the hose to suck up the piles. They love it, and it is more effective than a broom pan. Being in control of the hose and watching little things get sucked up fascinates them. Mine can also do under the couch cushions. Lots of grossness happens under there, and they are so excited to suck it all up!

Bat Cave or Tent:

I create a tent by throwing a blanket over their small kid table. I leave one end open for them to go in and out of. They can climb on it, hide in it and protect their cave from bad-guy invasion. As you can see, this is a constant theme in our house. I also give them snacks in there and some books for quiet time to keep their interest longer.

January is a hard month to get through after the holidays, but with terrible weather. So, we make the most of it with lots of inside fun! Hope these help keep you all as busy as can be!


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