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So here’s the reality of losing the baby weight. Once you do, you also lose your booty! Unless your keeping up with your workouts, which we all know is super difficult with kids, you most likely are starting to see a pancake butt, rather than what you used to have. You know, its just not quite as lifted. But, we can work to fix it! Here are the top 5 exercises I’ve found to really help build your booty back up like it was before those little rascals came along.

Workouts to get your booty back after baby

Exercise 1: Weighted Hip Thrust. I really like this one because you can do it with a toddler sitting on your hips as your weight. If you don’t want to attempt that, you can place a dumbell or barbell over your hips to add weight.

How to do it: Start by lying on your back, feet should width apart and flat. Push your butt up in the air and squeeze. Now hold it there and pulse at least 10 times with the weight. Try to get 30 or more reps at a time. To make it even harder, hold one leg straight out and lift on the other. Super targeted muscle work there! High reps are the goal here with the weight because you really want to tire the glute muscles out. Also, if you start with this one, your glute muscles are more engaged for the rest of the exercises.

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Exercise 2: One-legged Chair Squat. This one is hard and uncomfortable. I almost fall over the first few reps, but it really gets your gluts and legs too. I start by doing a few normal squats to get the feel of where you want to stand with one leg and how far the chair is. Then, hold one foot up and slowly squat down to the chair. If you can, don’t actually sit, so you keep all your muscles engaged on the way down and they way up. If you have to sit, like me most of the time, no big deal. You can hold onto your chair to help you balance as you get stronger. Try to do a couple sets of 12 on each leg.

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Exercise 3: Booty Blaster. This one if from Tracy Mallet and her Booty Barre workout. I lean on a table, or just kinda hold onto the wall at home because I don’t have a ballet bar (go figure). On a side note, years ago I took a Pilates workshop from Tracy, and we spent the last day learning Booty Barre. It was so much fun, and I was so sore. She is the best. Anyways, you start with your base leg in a slightly bent position, and lift the other leg up behind with toe pointed. Pulse that leg up and up. Don’t come down much. Think small pulses, so you are never really relaxing, but just squeezing harder. Be careful not to use your lower back. Lean forward more if you feel your back jumping in to really put the work on your back end.

Exercise 4: Jump Squats. This is going to burn and that’s great. It will also build muscle while burning fat because your heart will be working hard. Think of a normal squat, but when you come up, JUMP! Land with feet in a starting position, about shoulder width a part and squat down again. Try to jump as far as you can. It takes some serious energy to get very far. See how far you get in 12 jumps, then try to repeat that distance three times or more!

Exercise 5: Bridge with Leg Extension: This is just like the bridge I talked about with the first exercise, but you are going to bridge up/push your hips up and tush off the ground. Then, extend one leg straight out, so all your weight is on the other leg. Pulse up with the lifted leg extended for 20, then hold that position and lift the extended leg, toe pointed up and down for 20 reps. This targets the single glute on each side. Make sure you do at least 3 sets of those.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who had pancake butt after pregnancy. Why?! There’s like nothing there! I’m gonna add these into my routine, thanks!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      I hope they help!! Pancake butts are just not as cute haha!!

  2. Awesome post, I definitely need to get back on my work out game jus to fell off and kinda lazy now to get back into it smh. This was a good reminder post!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      Glad this helped!! Motivation is the hardest part!

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