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Lactation smoothies are my FAVORITE thing ever!! I talk way too much about this awesome, super clean protein powder that is perfect for nursing mamas because it actually promotes milk supply, and it is a huge staple in my breastfeeding diet, and how I am able to run miles and workout, without losing my supply. You can make so many wonderful lactation smoothies if you have the right essentials. I’m going over them here, so you’ll be prepared to smoothie your mornings away.

Protein Powder: 

I will go over why I love this protein powder, and you can read why protein is essential for postpartum weight loss and milk supply. What a protein powder does for a smoothie, is it creates a better texture, and it adds nutrients you can’t find in fruits and vegetables, so you get a more complete, nutrient dense food. The idea to keeping up milk supply is to pump your body full of nutrients. That’s what I do. I really take into account the foods I am putting in my body, and thus my body can perform and function optimally. I am able to eat a lot of carbs and manage sugar cravings because I eat good food and get enough protein. Protein is the building blocks for tissues and organs, so you want to make sure you have enough in your body once it is distributed to your milk. In most cases, our bodies will put enough in the breast milk production, but leave the mother with non. You want to make sure there are enough protein calories to go around, so you can maintain muscle postpartum. You can grab the protein powder I love, or check out this post on some other protein powders I think are wonderful for breastfeeding mamas.

Frozen Berries:

These are really important to your lactation shake. Berries, especially blueberries, offer an amazing amount of nutrients for your body. Blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants, which pass through to the baby. Strawberries have lots of vitamin C, which helps moms meet their recommended amount. Strawberries are also great for hydration, and full of water, which is super important to keeping breastfeeding moms healthy and producing. You can get a mixed berry blend, so you have a few berries all in one smoothie for a diverse set of nutrients.


This is super important for breastfeeding moms, and it is very easy to add to your smoothies. I have this brand right now. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, flax seeds and flax seed oil have phytoestrogens that aid in breast-milk production. Many nursing mothers supplement their diet with a sprinkle of flax seeds to increase lactation.

Almond Milk:

I just love almond milk for my smoothies because it is light and fresh, creates a great consistency, and I don’t like milk. I’ve been drinking almond milk for so long, the taste of milk is now icky to me. You can really use any liquid you want for your lactation shake. I wouldn’t say almond milk is a ton better than others. Do what you like for this one!

Extra Nuts:

Cashews blend really well in shakes and make them even creamier. Nuts offer more healthy fats that have been proven to pass to the baby. Babies need that extra fat that comes in the hind milk. I have a whole post on fat and nutrients in breast milk that will help you understand how that works.

Sea Salt:

A little pinch of sea salt is great for your electrolyte levels! Iodized salt is not. But, sea salt is really good for you, and it will help keep you hydrated and your mineral levels stable. just a pinch tastes great in smoothies too because it brings out the sweetness.

I add just a tiny bit of Stevia to my smoothies, but not much is needed at all with the Ideal Raw protein powder because it already has Stevia as the sweetener. No chemicals!!

These are the main essentials to a wonderful lactation smoothie that actually works! If you need some more ideas on what to eat, check out the 5 best foods for milk supply and losing the baby weight. 


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