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I want a clutter free home. I envy those mamas, who’ve conquered their clutter. I go on rampages where I pile things in the garbage and fill massive donation bags…then the clutter comes back….out of now where. What happens? I can’t stand clutter, but it always seems to rule my world with little ones pulling surprises out of the woodwork by the minute. Where it all comes from I have no idea. Some days I’d like to save my sanity and have a massive bonfire in the yard. A therapeutic session where I can just burn it all!!

I’m afraid the neighbors will call someone out of shock, so I’ve opted to gather all the best tricks and secrets from the moms who handle it. The moms who boss that clutter and rarely let it tear its head in their home. Lets get into their secrets, so we can all tackle this once and for all:

Declutter Daily:

A Decluttered Life talks has an article, 5 Changes You Must Make to Create the Clutter-Free Home You Want. This tip stood out to me: “You’ll need to work at this daily. Set small goals for yourself and don’t miss more than one day in a row. Make this part of your daily routine.”




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Get Permission (getting rid of the thing trick):

Mommy on Purpose has an amazing article, HOW I CONQUER CLUTTER (WHEN IT’S EMOTIONALLY DIFFICULT). Here is what she said, that I think is a piece of gold (and her other tips are gold too!),

“”GETTING RID OF THE THING TRICK # 1: I call someone who I know values a tidy house and understands the burden that excess stuff can be (usually my mom, because she also understands how hard this is for me) and I explain that I need permission to get rid of the thing.”

My mom is about to get a lot of phone calls soon, as I embark on my clutter bins!

The Three Box Method:

Budget Dumpster has,The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Decluttering Your Home. In this article, I found the three box method very practical. Gather three boxes or storage bins, label them as KEEP, GET RID OF, PUT IN STORAGE. The important part is to put the keep items in a designated, beautifully organized home. Same with storage items.

Take a Photo of Sentimental Items:

101 Days of Organization gives us tips from professional organizers in the article, 10 Tips That Professional Organizers Refuse to Share. “If you’ve got sentimental items that don’t fit with your home, don’t hang onto them just because they were special to grandma or to Uncle Bill. Take a photo of the items for a memory box and then donate the item to someone who can really use it.” I think this is genius because it takes away the guilt from letting these items go.

Remove Everything From The Room:

Uncluttered Simplicity has a shock treatment for decluttering, where she advises you to remove EVERYTHING from the room you want to declutter. Everything but the heavy furniture. All items must go to another room to sort and categorize. She says this is how to truly get rid of clutter.

Every Year, Take Inventory:

Martha Stewart suggests taking inventory of items in the kitchen each year, to get rid of duplicates. Check out the article, Banish Clutter: How to Organize Every Room in Your Home for more tips and tricks from Martha Stewart.

There you have 6 awesome tips from the decluttering experts. For all of us clutter folks, let’s strive to take on one of these tips weekly, and soon we could have a clutter-free home too!


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  1. After going back to work recently I really struggled with establishing order at home. Things were just piling up during the week and I was only able to straighten up on the weekend which is no fun. The idea of doing this daily is sooo important and had never crossed my mind until now. Thanks for the useful tip.

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