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There’s a lot of lists of super foods for pregnancy out there. Many of them are full of green goodies, that a lot of normal pregnant women don’t really want to eat, especially when pregnant. I mean, let’s get real, how many of us get a craving to munch on spinach leaves? Or want to gobble up heads of broccoli? Yeah, I lived off nachos the first 20 weeks really, so let’s be honest about these food lists. Sure, we can attempt to saute the spinach into something manageable, but it’s not the first choice. I recently discussed how to have a belly only pregnancy, and I wanted to also talk about some foods to help with that as well.

Luckily, I’ve done my homework, as well as figured out some great super foods that you will actually eat after being pregnant three times now. Here are some that are tasty, realistic and still great to get that belly-only pregnancy we all want.




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Bananas: These are affordable, sweet, easy on the tummy and still full of nutrients. Banannas can really help manage swelling (I’ve got tips for that too!) because they have the minerals like potassium that are involved with fluid retention. They are said to be great for morning sickness, but I didn’t notice a difference there. They are fabulous in a fruit salad, smoothie or a banana split. I posted a great idea for a healthy banana split that encourages milk supply too!

Dates: These are the best pregnancy candy! They really help with the constipation that comes. That is really not fun. They are also high in fiber, to keep your digestive system moving and full of natural sugar to give you an energy boost. There is a lot out there on how dates can help soften your cervix if you’re close to your due date. Dates are high in folate and vitamin K. Folate is one of the super important nutrients for baby’s developing spinal cord in the first trimester.

Pancakes: Yep, you heard me, pancakes. You can make some delicious pancakes from oatmeal, eggs and bananas and you should gobble these up. I talk about these pancakes for recovery after birth too, in my meal plan for your first day after baby. There’s something so comforting about pancakes when your pregnant. Really all carbs are comforting. And these are super simple, and are totally something you can eat. All you do is combine some oatmeal, eggs and banana (or apple sauce works too!) and fry it up! Here’s a tutorial on how to make them, and you’ll see in this tutorial, Karlie Kloss, an Victoria Secret model eats these, so obviously us normal people should too.

Blueberry Muffins: Warm muffins with some butter in the morning, or middle of the night, whenever the craving hits is glorious. And blueberries are an amazing super food for pregnancy. Add them to a healthy muffin recipe, and you are golden. Ambitious Kitchen has a great, light and healthy recipe you’ll love.

Fries: No, I’m not trying to tease you. Sweet potatoes are wonderful sources of vitamins for pregnancy, and they make delicious fries. The sweet potato is high in vitamin C, which is not only beneficial to your immune system, but also for skin elasticity, which helps your skin stretch as your belly grows. These are also high in fiber to help you stay full, low in sugar and a great food to fill up your plate with while trying to stay on the belly-only track.

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Hummus: Garbanzo beans (and other beans too) are a great source of fiber (fiber helps keep you full, digest your food and overall is essential to keeping weight off!) and B vitamins. Hummus can be made to your personal taste at home, or there are a lot of flavors out there now to buy.

Pregnancy has this amazing way of changing out taste buds, but these super foods are completely palatable, and they will leave you feeling healthy, light and full of that pregnancy glow inside and out!

Need more pregnancy tips? Save these for later!




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