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Oh the diaper bag. I’ve had a few now that I am a mom of three boys. I put together a list of nine items I have NEEDED at some point, but never remembered to pack. This isn’t your usual diaper bag essentials list of diapers, wipes, binkies and bibs. These are items you will want, that nobody mentions!

I get bored of carrying a diaper bag, so I often switch back and forth between purses, backpacks and diaper bags. It depends on my mood and where we are going. A backpack is often my go-to because I need to be hands free with my little ones.




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this post contains affiliate links

Packing the diaper bag is always the harder part. When you are a first-time mom, everything goes. Clothes, extra socks and shoes, wipes and more wipes, extra bottles, toys, hats, burp clothes, 20 diapers…you know just the whole nursery.

Here are the diaper bag essentials you need, that no one has mentioned. I know because I’ve needed them all!

First, I highly recommend a portable charger for your phone in your diaper bag. I have gone out and about, and had my phone totally die, and I can’t sit in the car with a crying baby or kids, while I try to get it enough juice to stay alive. I decided this was important because with kids, you never wan to have an emergency happen, and you can’t call someone for help. What if your car breaks down, your stranded mid-highway with kids and no one stops? If your car isn’t running, your phone isn’t working, so grab a charger and keep it in there!

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Second, an extra onesie and outfit (grab your 20% off Finn + Emma). The day you forget this, will be the blow outs of all blowouts. It always happens to me. When I forget to grab the extra pieces of clothing, I end up with a baby in only a diaper. This is one that I want to remind you of again, because the blow out is scheduled for the day you don’t remember. Let’s just cancel that all together 🙂

Third, an extra tank for you and underwear for you. This is more of a suggestion if you recently just had your baby. I had a few times where there were leaks above and below, and I was trying to get things done, but felt totally gross. Don’t be afraid to change yourself, and don’t be embarrassed. Things happen, and we can only prepare for them. Do you know how difficult it is to get my now three kids all to the bathroom when I need to go? And, where do you put the baby when you go to the bathroom, and you have two other ones climbing under the doors? I avoid it at all costs, which often times means I can’t hold it very well. When you just had a baby, its even more difficult. Also, with nursing pads, I still just liked to change my tanks. They didn’t seem to work that great for me. Which leads to the next item.

Fourth, milk savers. These are relatively new, but they look amazing, and I am on the last few months of breastfeeding, so I haven’t bought them yet, but I’ve read some great reviews, so I think they are worth packing!

Fifth, diaper bags or grocery bags. I always forgot these, and I don’t know why! It was one of the harder things for me to remember, so I want to make sure you do. As you become a more seasoned mom, and venture out to more errands, the quick car-changes are more frequent. Sometimes the garbage seems like miles away, and you don’t want to haul the baby way over there to throw it away. If you have a bag to wrap it in until you get to your next destination or home, you will be much happier.

Sixth on the list are bibs. I found these cute cloth ones with a teether on the end. They work perfect for teething and drooly babies. I always ended up getting a snack or feeding the baby some left overs, and then we have to run around with a hot-mess of a child with food stains on his shirt. Its worth it to have a couple in your bag.

Moving to number seven is a water bottle and protein bar for mama. As a nursing mama, the low blood sugar can hit fast, and you will wish you never left the kitchen if you don’t have a healthy pick-me-up. A protein bar is usually less messy and easy to store in your bag with no spills.

Number eight, is a diaper clutch. This is really nice to have because you can grab your baby and the clutch to head to a bathroom for a chance, rather than taking the whole bag. Particularly great in a coffee shop or restaurant setting. It makes it easy to find the diapers and wipes too!

Nine is mini stain-be-gone pens! You will love having this in your bag to help save the clothes from spit-up and blow-out stains! I’ve thrown out a lot of items because I was out and about, dealt with a blow-out, put the dirty clothes in a bag, and I didn’t to cleaning them in time to remove the stain.

Yep, these are all items I have actually needed in my diaper bag, and didn’t have at one point or another. I specifically remember a time I was at church, working in the nursery and forgot an extra outfit for my third baby. He ended up borrowing an outfit from a friend, who had a little girl the same age. He looked so cute as a girl for a day! Luckily my friend had her spare outfit ready to go, and didn’t need to use it. Otherwise he would’ve been the kid in only a diaper in the middle of winter.

Got any fun stories of items you’ve left behind, only to be in dire need while out and about? I’d love to hear it in the comments!


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