Holiday Gifts Mom Edition


A Merry Discount with Zero to Two!

Happy Holidays! Okay, so I have to admit one of my favorite parts of the Holiday season is all the discounts and shopping. We celebrate Jesus and His birth this time of year as well, which is the heart of it all, but I can’t help it when I get swept away into a blissful shopping spree full of goodies, giveaways and coupon codes. Of course I have a coupon to share with you all! Zero to Two is a fabulous online shop for your littles, offering knitted hats, soft leather shoes,darling stuffed animals and more. They have a super fun blog, which I recently shared one of my “are you serious??” mommy moments. But let’s get to the shopping! My boys got these super cute pom pom hats that are so thick, warm and soft! I also chose these handsome leather shoes for the baby. Take this code: JOYFULMESSES15, shop and…

Gift Guide for the Starbucks Obsessed #addicted

This is probably, absolutely no surprise to anyone that I am doing a gift list for the Starbucks lover. I mean, literally almost all my photos have a Starbucks cup in them, and I find any reason to go there every time I get in the car. If I’m late, that’s why. Totally worth it. Everything else comes after your favorite coffee right? I am especially addicted during the holiday season because I love eggnog. It is so good to me, and so good in my coffee. Yumm! So, I have compiled a list of beautiful and fun items you can buy me the Starbucks lover in your life. I have everything from portable frappucinno chargers, to iPhone cases and more! this post may contain affiliate links