How To Connect With Brands For Sponsorship on Instagram

Instagram, as I’ve said in a couple other posts, is my favorite social media platform because it is aesthetic, and I love photos.Many bloggers see Instagram as another method to build a following and traffic source…which it is, but if that’s all you see it as, you’re missing out on a lot. I’ve just gone over the 1k mark. That’s huge when you are just starting out on Instagram, and I’ve been able to work with large brands like JORD Watches, Smile Brilliant, DockATot, Lillebaby, Finn and Emma and more. I’ve also connected with smaller, local brands to work together, where I’ve either been paid to post, or posted in exchange for the product, depending on the brand’s policies. You don’t have to have a large following for the brands you love to be interested in you. My account is proof!

First, Instagram is another blog. Its your photo blog, which correlates to your written blog. That means you can find companies and brands who are excited to be a part of your story on Instagram, but don’t necessarily have an interest on your written blog.

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These companies are looking for social shares and high quality photos, and there’s a whole world of companies wanting to work with both Macro and Micro Influencers. There’s a site, Influenster, which I wrote on, and it is a fabulous place to find great free product in the beauty industry. I’m working on a Lancome face peel now.

Finding these companies, when you haven’t hit the massive follower goals yet is daunting, but totally do-able!

I’ve got a great strategy I developed to find large and small brands, who are willing to send me products to post for free. Some pay for posts as well, but as a smaller account, you are more likely to get an exchange. You can sign up to get the email here, or sign up after reading through this post.

What if you only have 200 followers? Well I’ve got a great ebook coming out that will help you get to 1k by improving the aesthetic and photo quality of your account. Many over look  that aspect of Instagram, thinking if you follow and engage, as your main focus you will encase your followers, but people are on Instagram to see pretty pictures. You shouldn’t ignore that’s the main point of Instagram. My book is full of all the tips you need to know about making a cohesive and aesthetic feed! You can pre-order now for just $5.99 or sign up for $1.00 off when it launches.

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In my strategy for finding Brands, even when you have have a small account i give you the specific hashtags to search, how to approach the brands and which type of brands are likely to respond. I figured this strategy by literally contacting lots of different brands to finally figuring out which brands were interested in the micro influencers like me, when I had less than 1k followers.


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  1. I’ve been using influenster since November and have received three boxes so far. Looking forward to reading your book. As I only have 844 followers and lookin to work with clothing brands but most of my research has shown me that you need a ton a followers and traffic when it comes to fashion blogs. Thanks for the post!!!

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