Dear 2016, I’ll Never Forget You

Dear 2016,

You deserve a letter. You were a year that was so good to me in so many ways.

You came in quietly, then turned my world upside down and gave me two pink lines with your entrance.

A new bundle on the way and two toddlers growing fast, your whirled me out of 2015 – a year of anxiety, fear and turmoil, into a new found joy and peace. You brought our family closer, healed past hurts and put some adventure in there too.

A few plane trips, sun rays and palm trees were sprinkled throughout our renovation projects. Along with the renewed happiness in my soul, you gave me my healthy little David.

This blog, my place of encouragement and truth, came alive in your slow conclusion, and I could never be more sad to say goodbye to you. I am praying 2017 continues with your power and love, and I want you to know I’ll never forget you!

Cheers to 2017!

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  1. Sounds like we had a very similar 2016. Okay, well at least we both had little boys ? Here’s to a joyful 2017 for all of us! I’m looking forward to what it has in store!

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