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The messy bun is basically the best mom-hair style ever. It looks cute, and it is supposed to be messy. The other hairstyle I love is the messy, beachy waves look. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it always looks cute. Contrary to popular belief, it actually is super quick to do as well!

Here’s How I Get Beachy Waves in 10 Minutes:

First, I wash my hair literally twice a week. My bangs I do more, but my hair is dry and bleached, so it doesn’t need much. Once I do some beachy waves, then I just have to touch them up throughout the week. Also, when you have some of these curls in your hair, your messy buns look better and ponytails fuller, so it’s worth your 10 minutes.




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Air Dry Your Hair, Or Do A Rough Blow Dry:

Okay, first step to making this hairstyle fast is to let your hair just air dry. You can keep it up in a towel, which is what I do, or scrunch it as it’s drying. Obviously, if you are washing your hair, and you need beachy waves in 10 minutes after the shower, this is going to be difficult. If you need to hurry and do the waves straight out of the shower, throw your head upside down and dry it.

If you are drying your hair with the blow dryer, do it upside down and scrunch your hair. We want as many waves naturally as possible, as well as body. By blow-drying upside down, you are giving your hair a boost, while scrunching it into some natural waves too.

If you let your hair just dry, I do mine in a towel, you will have some natural kinks too. These will mix in with the curled waves, so it looks more natural.

How To Curl For Beach Waves:

Your hair is dry and looking kinda crazy. No big deal. We want a natural, messy foundation to work off of. Get your curling iron hot, and DO NOT — USE THE CLAMP! The clamp makes ringlets, we don’t want Shirly Temple.

Put your arm up, above your head, and wrap your hair around the iron AWAY FROM YOUR FACE!

The curling iron needs to be above your head, and upside down, so the tip is pointing to the floor. Hold it by your head, and point it down. Then wrap your hair around the barrel and hold it there. About 1 inch chunks of hair depending on how thick your hair is. Hold maybe 15 seconds or so. (sorry if the baby is distracting, but he wanted to play next to me, and I think its kinda funny!)

Start with the top layer of hair and the front pieces. If you already have some waves, and you focus on the top layer, you won’t have to curl your whole head because everything will blend together. The only under pieces you need to do are the front ones. These ones tend to fall forward on your shoulders, so you want to get those ones.

When you focus on the top layer, make sure you are curling away from your face and rolling the hair over from your crown. You want some body on the top, so lift the hair up and over the curling iron.

This is a quick and easy hairstyle. It’s not perfect because we are moms, and it takes a lot of effort to get a perfect hairstyle. In the 10 minutes I curled my hair yesterday, the boys took off all the cushions on the couch and sprayed the whole kitchen floor with all the cleaner.  So, you have to pick and chose what you want. A perfect hair style or less disasters, but that’s mom life for ya!



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