I Don’t Want My Body Back After Baby

In my third trimester with my third pregnancy, I am LONGING to feel light, active and free again! I am waddling around after my two boys at awkward paces and sitting down more than usual. I attempted a kayaking adventure with Jack, the littlest one, but trying to paddle with him on my lap, leaning sideways on my belly put us in circles. I daydream of when I will be able to hold my little bundle in my arms and start moving about as normal, BUT, I NEVER long for the body I used to have. I’m calling BS on the whole “get your body back after baby” pressure. Why would you want to go backwards, after your body has given you so much?! Where is this harsh, pushing your body to be something it was, when its become something better?

Of course, being a person who tries to see the glass half full, I say, MY BODY IS BETTER AFTER BABY! You can never have your body back, but you can encourage it, push it, and celebrate what it’s given you! Most new moms, even myself, feel the pressure to lose the baby weight and be in a place where you were comfortable and felt good. Maybe you are struggling with what you see in the mirror, or healing from your birthing experience, or balancing any sort of sanity after a new baby. It’s easy to pick on ourselves, criticize our bodies, and compare what we look like to someone else when we are tired, stressed and adjusting to an infant.

Pursuing a NEW mindset will bring a physical change. Our mind and bodies are so intimately connected, that I think this point is so important to state.

I challenge this movement by ¬†focusing my mind on celebrating my body for what’s its done, and thanking it by taking care of it! If you take that approach, you are doing more than losing the baby weight. You are thanking your body, celebrating your babies and pursuing more than you had before. You’re becoming better, your body is better and you will feel better! Take the time to thank your body for what its done, allow it time to heal, and be grateful that you’ve been given a beautiful gift, and you have a new body that is stronger, more capable and more beautiful than its ever been!

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; – 1Corinthians 6:19


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