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I bought a shirt this time around, for my third baby, with a mermaid on it and text saying, “milky maids.” There’s a photo way back in my Instagram if you want to see it. Being milky, isn’t always fun, but it is so important to your baby. I’m still nursing my third baby boy now, and I am so thankful for the tools and tricks I’ve learned to keep my milk supply up. I’ve dealt with very difficult, stressful times, all while nursing a baby, and I never once let my milk supply suffer.

There are reasons your milk can decrease. You may not be eating enough of the right nutrition, you may be just too stressed and tired, your hormones can be out of balance…there are a lot of factors. Sometimes, you just need more milk than you have because you are storing it for going back to work. I think that’s a large reason many moms want to increase there supply, so they can continue to nurse their babies while they are gone. Pumping is not that fun, but what a wonderful invention to allow mothers to continue to nurse their babies, even when they have to be away or go back to work. So, I have some great tips that will literally increase your milk supply dramatically. My sister is a twin mama, and she was a pumping machine for her little babies. She went back to work after three months, and she was able to store enough milk to nurse her babies a full year without supplementing and working 4 full days a week. I really hope these items help you, like they did me and her!

Lactation Cookies: my sister made these more than I did. She loved them, and noticed an immediate difference after eating a few of these in one day. They actually have a lot of good, nutritious items in them. Oats, coconut oil, cinnamon, chocolate, flaxseed and brewers yeast. These are all ingredients that are said to increase your supply, combined in one happy cookie,  and it works! If you don’t have time to bake much, like me, here are some of the cookies I bought, which helped just as much as the ones my sister made.

I have the biggest sweet too while I am nursing, so all of these were like candy to me, and I really noticed an increase in supply after eating three of the cookies, or two of the bars in one day, in addition to the next items.

The 5 Best Foods to Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply

I mentioned this Mother’s Milk tea in another post, and it is really the best tea for increasing your supply. The fennel in the tea, which tastes like black licorice, seriously increased my supply. I would drink a few cups, three or four the day before I needed to pump extra. That day, I was overloaded, and I had no problem getting some extra milk stored away. I have to be careful because I’ve gotten Masistis three times now, due to too much milk.

Pump and Pump some more. My sister literally woke herself up in the middle of the night to pump, pumped in the car on the way home, and basically whenever she wasn’t nursing, she pumped. This kept her supply up, and she found that sometimes the manual expression pump did better than the automatic because she was able to get more out. Other times, she was driving, so she couldn’t manually pump, but if you want to increase your supply overnight, you need to get hooked up to the pump when your not attached to your baby. It’s basically forcing your body to produce more milk. I found that if I could nurse the baby on one side, and pump the other, I got a lot more milk out! Then, I had the baby nurse that side again, to help encourage it to produce more milk. Here are the pumps my sister suggests. She did more pumping than I did, so I take her word on these:


I had this one, which worked great for me, but I didn’t have to pump that much. I used the tea and cookies, then I was able to pump enough extra milk, but if you need a good pump that will do the job, and nothing fancy, I thought it worked great!

This is the one my sister used, which she loved. Another trick she did was leave a pump at work. She had a smaller one like the one above, that she kept there, and another one at home. If you can afford two pumps, its a more convenient way to go, so you are set up to pump everywhere.


Drink A Beer: I actually don’t like beer at all, but my aunt told me that beer was great for your milk. I didn’t actually do this one, but I thought I’d mention for all the mamas who like a beer. You can have a beer at night and increase your milk supply! Check out what this post from Baby Center says,

Nursing moms are often advised by family and friends to relax and have a beer to help stimulate milk production. And it’s true that a polysaccharide in the barley used to make beer seems to stimulate prolactin, which helps moms make more milk. (The good news, if you like the taste of beer, is that nonalcoholic beer has the same stimulating effect.)

I’d like to hear if anyone has tried this and experienced more milk! I tried to drink some, but never liked it enough to finish the beer, or I’m assuming consume enough of the barley to increase my milk.

All the above though, have seriously worked for me. To the point of over production and extremely chubby and healthy babies.

If you’re also working on losing the baby weight, check out my post on the top 5 foods to help you lose the weight and increase your milk supply.

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