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Creating an Instagram that is Beautiful and Authentic is what Brands Want

Instagram is seriously my favorite platform because I love capturing a moment in a beautiful way, and telling the story behind that moment. That is exactly what brands are looking for. They want you to bring their product into your unique story. I am proof that brands aren’t as interested in the number of followers as you’d think. They are looking for authenticity, quality photos and a story.

I’m not a photographer, and you don’t need to be either.

There’s an opportunity for you, as an Instagrammer with an iPhone to tell your story with quality photos, using some of my self-taught tips and tricks. I studied all the resources I could to learn how to take better photos, without understanding any camera settings or taking a photography course. I am self-taught, faux-photographer, and you can be one too.



Connect With Brands & Tell Your Story

Let's Go!

I wrote this for the small account, looking to improve quality, engagement and aesthetic.

I get a lot of compliments on my blog and photos. It is because I took a tremendous amount of time studying successful Instagram accounts, stalking photographers, taking some horrible photos, learning from mistakes  and ultimately creating a unified, branded Instagram account that brands are interested in working with, with less than thousands of followers.

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Here's What You Will Find in My Book

10 Chapters of Marketing Information, Photo-taking Tips, Creating Your Brand, Proven Colors for Engagement, Increasing Engagement and More

Here’s the Introduction:

I decided to write this book to share my self-taught tips on creating an Instagram feed full of candid photos that capture moments in a way that sticks with people. I am naturally obsessed with photos. I have an artistic side, which makes me want to teach myself to create things. That being said, I am in no way professional. Aside from the middle-school photography class with a dark room, I have no professional photography knowledge and experience. I now have a Canon Rebel T6, but I stick to mostly auto settings. I am here to explain the things I know. I’ve quickly reached my first 1k followers on Instagram (as I edit this I am over 1800 now!) purely with a quality feed. I don’t do massive follow attempts, over-engage or use giveaways to boost my numbers. All of my followers like my feed and enjoy my photos, which are the most valuable followers to have. I will talk about Instagram pods, chat loops and Follow Fridays after we go over taking quality photos in this book. By creating this type of feed, your followers aren’t followers, they are friends. These are people who connect with you and your style. We all know life is not that pretty. Especially for me, as a mom of three little ones. Nothing is ever clean or in place, and it’s a challenge to present an authentic feed that resonates and attracts, but I love reaching for the best photo, even in the messiest moment.

With these tips, I can help you curate an aesthetically pleasing feed that is irresistible and tells a story. These tips are also fabulous for new accounts who need direction on how to take better photos, what kind of photos to take and more. I go over the proven marketing strategies behind what types of images bring in more followers and the methods I use to get these images. There’s a combination of study, research and pure inspiration involved. There’s some important points about being on Instagram that I want to remind you of, before you read through the tips.


One, you are on Instagram for a purpose. The purpose is to tell a story through photos. It doesn’t matter what type of account you are: mom blogger, lifestyle blogger, product-based business, design service – you need to present a professional and clean feed to really attract the multitude of followers. Your story needs to have a cohesive style, just like any book would have a writing style. This requires intention, not just a quick snap, hashtag and post.


Two, If you want to up your game and curate a feed that is irresistible, while still true to your unique brand, then you need to read these chapters with an open mind. I encourage you to work on each chapter individually and find ways to accomplish my suggestions. You may initially think, “that sounds too hard,” or “I don’t have time for that,” but you want to stop, take a minute and think if there is a way you can take my suggestion and turn it into something you CAN do. You have to be willing to make changes to improve. That may be the biggest challenge you have, but you can do it, and all your new followers will thank you.