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Let’s get the elephant out of the room here first, concerning the recent political decisions and events. I know there is a lot of anger and frustration with many actions recently, but I’m not here to discuss that regarding Ivanka. I want to talk about what she’s taught me about being a work -at-home mother.

I saw her instagram post the other day, illustrating a major milestone in her life. It was her youngest son crawling for the first time. He’s a doll face. Then, I went to her Facebook page to see what kind of comments she might have regarding recent events with Nordstrom and other business relationships that are no more.



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I expected to see something. A politically correct statement of some kind, but you know what I saw?

Videos and pictures of her children just like any other mom. See, Ivanka Trump may be handling some dips in her business life, but she’s still celebrating the loves of her life.

As work-at-home moms, it can be easy to really struggle emotionally when a client is upset, we lose a deal, or we fail at a project. We put every ounce of our energy and heart into our work to help provide for our little loves. I think Ivanka does too. Working at home brings our business failures and stresses so close to our children. But, we can take a que from those who are getting hit harder than we are (no matter if you think she deserves it, she’s still getting some pretty heavy hits). It appears she’s more concerned with her family, or that’s the message I get. I see a mom who’s enthralled with her children and husband, and no business BS is gonna shake that.

That’s how I want to be. I want to be the mom that doesn’t let political uncertainty shake my peace at home. I want to be the mom who let’s the business set backs and losses roll off my back like it’s another day of spilled milk. I get the message Ivanka has her priorities straight when it comes to her family, and I’m inspired by it. From mom to mom, I’m on the same page as her. Poltically, socially and economically we can be different. But,as moms I connect with her. I recognize her pride and joy, and I empathize with her.

The photo is from her Facebook page.


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  1. That’s a great observation, it can be difficult to keep things in balance. I really love that you can see how much she values her children.

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