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Six weeks post baby flies by. The nights are long and slow, but before you know it, you are headed in to make sure everything is back how it should be. I was able to lose all of my baby weight by six weeks after all three of my pregnancies, not because I’m special or naturally super skinny in any way.

I have to eat healthy and stay active, just like anyone else who wants to stay fit. It takes some effort and changing your lifestyle, but you can do it! Here’s exactly what I do, to lose the baby weight by my six week check up, and I know you can do it too!!

Get Walking: Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you need to burn calories. The easiest way to do this is to walk. Depending on how you feel, walk as much as you can. With my third baby, I had to get out of the house with the other two rascals, so I didn’t wait until six weeks to take him out. He never got sick, and we did great. This got me moving around a lot. We would go to parks, go on walks and try to stay outdoors when possible, so I could keep the baby away from indoor germ fests. I also have a postpartum workout plan I follow before the six week mark, that is mostly Pilates and simple exercises to help keep me moving!

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With my first one, I did a lot of walking outside in the stroller. All of my babies have been born in the fall or winter, so weather has never been great for me. I would just bundle us up, and get out. If it wasn’t an option, then I did the front pack or baby wearing around the house. I never counted my steps, but I definitely recommend doing that if it helps you to have a goal to hit.

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Focus on Fruit and Liquids: Fruit is going to satisfy your sweet cravings, fill you up on fiber and give your brain the much needed natural sugar for energy that you need. You aren’t going to get fat filling up on fruit. Eat as much fruit as you can because it will hydrate your body as well as nourish it. Focus blueberries, apples, oranges, strawberries…literally fill up on it. You will be less likely to eat as much junk food if your tummy is full.

Then, make sure you drink a lot. This will help your body flush out the extra water from pregnancy, as well as fill your tummy. It will also give you something to do if you like eat just for kicks. I eat if I am bored, and grabbing something to drink like a sparkling water, lemon water, light hot chocolate…to fill the space in between meals and snacks without eating too much.

Take a hard look at naps. I can’t take naps much. I just don’t recover from them. I feel groggy, like I just started my day over with no coffee. It makes me want to eat more and just lay around. Now, if you can take a nap and jump out of bed feeling great, by all means go for it. The point is to avoid a nap if it makes you tired and want to eat, when you really aren’t hungry. If it energizes you and helps you, then go for it. Try not to eat right before you fall asleep. Otherwise, you are eating food that will just get stored as fat while you are sleeping. If you are going to nap, wait an hour or two after you last ate to help your body use that fuel efficiently.

Make healthy desserts! I think this really helps me! I always have a healthy ice cream option, berries, or I make an array of paleo inspired healthy treats! If I have healthy options to chose, like a coconut flour chocolate chip cookie, or paleo blueberry muffins, I won’t go for the other items we might have on hand.

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What if you are hungry? Hungry isn’t always a trigger for calories. Sometimes its your body asking for nutrients. Your body is asking for vitamins and minerals, which is why I say to fill up on fruit as much as possible. It will allow you to give yourself something when you feel hungry. You also have to think when the last time you ate was, and what was it. Did you eat some popcorn? That won’t last long in your system, and your blood sugar may just be low. Drink some water and chew some gum if you know you aren’t really hungry, or grab some fruit to make sure you are giving your body what it needs.

I mention fruit a lot, but you can also do red peppers, carrots, snap peas, celery…vegetables that are easy to grab and eat. I personally didn’t eat these much after my pregnancies, but I can see them as a good alternative to fruit as well.

This is exactly how I lost the baby weight fast. I focused on moving and eating healthy. I never let myself go hungry because I can’t stand being hungry, and you shouldn’t either. I made sure to offer my body lots of nutrient-rich fruits. I baked healthy treats, drank a lot of liquid and didn’t fall into the nap trap.

If you don’t find this is working, you may be anxious after just having a baby and filling that anxiety with food. You also could have more to lose than I did. I lost about 25 pounds in the 6 weeks, which some was the baby and water weight, so let’s say I lost about 15 pounds. My babies were 6 – 8 lbs babies.

If you have more to lose, don’t get frustrated and stick to my tips. Don’t focus on losing the weight either. Then it will consume your mind. Just enjoy your new baby, focus on the baby, and let the weight come off on its own, with healthy choices.

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  1. Angela Cameron Reply

    Try cutting soda and juice out of your diet completely and drink mummy magic weight loss tea! That will help more than you know if you drink them regularly.

  2. Awesome post! I’m a nutrition major and I think you hit it spot on that having healthy snacks around is a huge winner! With baby number 3 our first outing was to go get massive amounts of fruit that I could grab when hungry and it really helped!

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