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Well, I am a mom of three now, and boy were there some things I totally and utterly missed out on because I didn’t put them on my registry. Do you know how many clothes I got? Blankets and cute things that were to die for at the time, but totally not that useful? I literally had a Boppy Pillow sitting in my closet for three years until I gave it to my sister. I just thought I needed it. PS, if you sign up for Amazon’s Baby Registry, you get $100 dollars towards diapers and wipes. Believe me, you need it, and everyone uses Amazon! I recently did my first few months with the diaper subscription. I am so mad I never did that before. Totally worth it. I’ll be reviewing it here soon. Baby Registry – $100 credit towards diapers and wipes

As a first time mom, its so hard to know what you’ll need! Let me help you by going over the items I missed, and had to end up buying after baby came.


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1. Diaper Bag Dispenser. Why did I use so many grocery bags? This is way better!

2.Portable Crib/Changing Pad/Diaper Bag! You will go somewhere at some point where you will want your baby to sleep/have a safe place to lay down, as well as a place to change them. For me, it was visiting relatives during the holidays that had older children, so they weren’t set up well for having babies. This was an easy-to-bring item that allowed me to be more comfortable with my first baby at other people’s houses.

3. Car Organizer. Do you know all the items that get thrown around your car once you have a baby? Bottles, toys, diapers, socks, shoes…everything seems to just fall and get lost. With this, you can store items you need in the car, without having to carry them back and forth and take them in and out of your diaper bag.

4. Umbrella Stroller. This was something I had to buy after baby arrived. I put the Bob Jogging StrollerΒ on my list, and got that. It is an amazing stroller, and I highly recommend it. My sister has it now. But, there are times when you just want to shuttle the baby around in something lighter and easier. This is great for in the house, going to doctor’s appointments, running errands or getting coffee. It doesn’t take up so much space when you are in public places, and you can maneuver them really easy.

5. The Baby Swing. This is the exact swing I’ve used for all three babies. I didn’t put a swing on my registry, and now I’m not totally sure why. I ended up returning something for this after my first baby arrived. He liked to sleep with motion, and I didn’t want to rock him all the time. He slept like a dream in this thing. We passed it on from my babies, to both of my sisters, so its a great investment.

6.Portable Play Yard. I liked this better than the pack n play because you can see out of it better. My boys didn’t like being in the pack n play because they couldn’t see me well. This is more open, wider and can easily be moved around the house or outside, depending on where you are working!

7. Sippy Cup Converter Do you know how many sippy cups we’ve lost and bought? This is genius! I can’t believe I am just finding out about it now! You probably won’t need these til about 9 months or so, but I want you to know it exists! My little one just likes to play with his sippy cup more than drink out of it because he’s still nursing, but if they get used to it before they are weaned, you can switch them into a cup without having to go to a bottle after nursing.

8. Lotus Crib. I am actually ordering this for my third baby. He’s graduated from the DockATot, but we’ve recently bought a new home that needs a lot of work, and we don’t have the space for a large crib. I am going to get this instead, and I think it’s fabulous for moms with multiple little ones, who might be running out of space for all the gear!

9. Pacidose. The sticky icky messes that happen when trying to get a baby to drink medicine is not fun. This is amazing. Why can’t I think of things like this? Oh yeah, because I’m dead tired with zombie eyes from being up with the baby. Leave it to the non-sleep-deprived, smart people to save us!

10. Milk Savers. I haven’t tried these yet, as I just found them, and I am ordering asap. I never knew they existed til they popped up on my Pinterest feed, and now I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without them. Please put these on your registry to save yourself a lot of milk and pumping! Milk supply is so important!

11. Woombie Swaddle. I am not a fan of all the swaddling. It seemed to never be tight enough or just right. Or I’d get them all swaddled and they’d have a blow out. Maybe it was the middle of the night, and I couldn’t get myself to swaddle one more time with one eye half open. These make things so much easier! It swaddles for you, and so worth it!

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