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Hey Momprenueur, your hurting your brain with all this multitasking, and its slowing you down. I know, I know, you have so many things to do, you can’t possibly get to them all unless you double up. I’m being serious, its time to stop unless you want to continue to tax your mind and achieve less than you are capable of. It goes against our nature as mothers, but it is necessary. Just this morning, I poured my coffee while breastfeeding the baby and telling my 2-year-old he can’t have cookies for breakfast. Then, still nursing, I turned the hot water on and started spraying down some of the dishes I didn’t get to last night, put my coffee in the microwave and grabbed the clothes from the wash and shoved them into the dryer – one-handed.
Multitasking is motherhood. Its what we do. I hunt for socks while talking on the phone to make a pediatrician appointment and help the toddler eat a peanut butter jelly. It never ends the amount of tasks we try and almost succeed in doing at one time. But, when it comes to business, this is not such a good idea. Its been proven that we are way less productive when we are interrupted and jumping between different demands. We can’t fully get our creative gloves on when we keep taking them off, putting on other gloves, then taking those off and putting the creative ones back on. Think of it like changing into different outfit for each task for your mind. Its just a lot of extra work.
I used to tell myself it was a good thing I could skip from project to project and get the most done at once, or so I thought. If I moved forward on many projects at once I was moving faster right?
Well, according to CoSchedule, there are 8 Startling Truths About Multitasking and Productivity. Basically, multitasking isn’t good for your brain. Our brains are actually not capable of focusing on different things at once. We can jump between various needs quickly, but not actually pay complete attention to them. Attempting to do two things at once causes stress to your brain. As mompreneurs, do we really want to stress our brains out more? I’ll take you one step further and let you know that the University of Sussex published a study illustrating that multitaskers have less brain density.
Studies have found that multi-tasking reduces your productivity by 40 %. According to Forbes and Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management from The Inside Out, it takes four times longer for your brain to switch and recognize new things, so you’re not saving time.
Even us mothers, who are known to juggle and jump from task to task like pro athletes don’t benefit from multitasking in our business. It may be a survival mode in our homes, but it shouldn’t be our default when pursuing our professional dreams. Focusing attentively on one task is like a luxury I forgot how to enjoy. Its something I will have to work on to be more efficient and achieve what I am truly capable of. This concept deems true in our homes and with our family as well. People deserve our full attention. Our families deserve our focus, as difficult as that is with multiple little children demanding it all day at various intervals.
Your business, your children and your husband deserve moments of undivided attention. If it’s more productive for your business, think of the benefits for your relationship with your children and husband. I’m constantly saying “hold on,” and having my little ones hustle around after me, while I try to catch up on all the things. You know, just all that stuff. Now, we have research to help us be present in each task and each relationship because we want our home and our businesses to be the fruit of our best work.




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I have a very specialized program for postpartum mamas looking to heal, nourish and regain their strength. I really struggled healing after my first child, and even went through pelvic floor physical therapy for weeks to manage scar tissue that developed from tearing. I have experience studying nutrition, physical therapy and I taught Pilates, so I’ve put together a program I wish I would’ve followed from the beginning.

A program that first heals your body through specialized movements and nourishing foods. Foods are so essential to your body finding the nutrients it needs to put itself back together again. Your postpartum body needs special care in the first 4-6 weeks where you focus on regaining strength and properly fueling your body for breastfeeding.

Here is what one mama emailed me on the program:

“I absolutely love the program! Just got finished with workout 4 and I’m dying😂 I can only do these 2x thru and my second round is pretty funny to see I’m sure😉! I will work up to 3x:-) By the way, your little boy angel in the videos is too precious and makes me smile! My boys have been doing these with me as well🙌🏼!

The information and the eating plan are both fantastic. I was so happy to hear that great waynof calorie counting when nursing! I have gotten my 3 day average and now I’m going to reduce by 100 calories today! Thanks so much!!
I haven’t had a chance to recommend to postpartum moms yet but I will soon!! 😘

Here is what another mama posted in the Facebook Group:

Feeling GREAT on this program!!! It’s unbelievable how eating clean makes such a difference. Let me rephrase that…it’s amazing the difference eating nutrient dense foods makes! My skin is glowing and I’m already shedding pounds! I also tried the first workout today and did well although I had to modify a bit and omit the backwards burpee (I had cesarean just over a month ago and don’t quite feel ready for that exercise just yet but I will get there). Loving this plan! Thank you SO MUCH for tour help! Currently eating pictures lunch while writing this ​”

This program then moves you into gaining physical fitness back. I will never forget the first time I tried to go for a run around 12 weeks postpartum after my first baby. I didn’t do any strength work, so I was literally jelly. I had lost all my extra fat and my previous muscle. So depressing. I was barely able to start gaining it back before I got pregnant and sick again with my second. I’ve learned so much on maintaining muscle postpartum through a unique diet and Pilates routines. I walk you through all of this too!

Lastly, I take you into a workout program to combine with a meal plan to help you lose the baby weight, not your milk!! !

Enroll in the course before the price goes up after July 4th!

I created this program to be affordable and realistic for new mams!

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