Confessions of a Boy Mom

“Another boy?!” “Were you hoping for a girl??” “Are you gonna try again for a girl??” These are the questions I get asked everyday as we navigate through our activities. Our pictures show the beautiful glimpses of our life. The pretty, happy moments that are quite sporadic in between the messy toilets, batman pajamas, runny […]

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Prayers for My Soon-to-be Middle Child

Two-years-old! What a milestone for little ones, and how quickly it came! Jack is my now, baby, growing into such a little boy, and he is soon-to-be the middle child. Jack definitely enjoys the status of “baby.” He still loves me to hold him, rather than walk, and he prefers to fall asleep next to […]

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When Blessed Mama feels Terrorized

Oh gosh, I hate to admit it, but sometimes my little blessings seriously seem to turn into screeching on a chalkboard. The whining. Crying. “Mom! Mama?!” On repeat quickly bubbles frustration in my throat. I look at these two little blue-eyed angels and think, “I can’t believe  another one is coming…” I walk to the […]

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