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Two-years-old! What a milestone for little ones, and how quickly it came! Jack is my now, baby, growing into such a little boy, and he is soon-to-be the middle child. Jack definitely enjoys the status of “baby.” He still loves me to hold him, rather than walk, and he prefers to fall asleep next to me instead of in his bed.

Its such an interesting piece of life. To be able to watch the creation of the first, middle and youngest child evolving right in front of you. I watched Benjamin transition from an “only” to an “oldest,” and now Jack will go from the baby to the “middle.” Jack is such a happy camper. Laid back, independent, strong and confident. He doesn’t need my undivided attention nearly as much as Benjamin. I wonder how that will all change in the next few weeks when baby brother arrives.

Today, we get to celebrate just Jack. Not as the baby or the middle child, but as Jack – the sweet little two-year-old he is! He is calm, caring, playful and athletic. He loves a ball, and I’m sure will be a total sports boy.

I pray for my boys, and this is my prayer for Jack:

I pray that he takes on being an older brother with courage and understanding. That he realizes he has a chance to be the big brother he looks at Benjamin to be.

I pray that he welcomes the baby with an instinct to nurture and help.

I pray that he finds his importance in between the baby and the out-spoken Benjamin. That he grows into believing in his own, special self.

I also pray that I can take time to point out his uniqueness with praise and acknowledgement, as well as encourage him as a new leader.

I pray for Jack as he realizes that I can’t hold him and the baby. The baby is going to take space in my arms that he usually haves.

I pray for joy in all our hearts as we adjust to a new brother. Little do they know how much fun another brother is going to add to their daily games of guns, police-mans, chase, hot lava, cars etc.

When I was pregnant with Jack, I couldn’t imagine how I could love a new baby as much as my first. I was protective of Benjamin in my thoughts from the idea of another baby taking attention from him. Then Jack arrived in a matter of hours and we were all changed for the better! What a joy he was, and I am so happy to celebrate and pray for him!

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  1. Jennifer Frazier Reply

    What beautiful sentiments and your growing family is just as beautiful. My prayer is that your entire family continues to feel this love for one another and that you stay just as happy as you appear in these gorgeous pictures!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      Thank you so much Jennifer! I appreciate your prayers and thoughts!

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