Six Skinny Secrets To Losing The Baby Weight


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I’m glad you’re here and interested in my book. Let me give you some background on the book and tell you some feedback I’ve gotten from it.  I’m not much of a sales person really, so I don’t want to shove the book in your face and tell you you need this to lose the baby weight. As I’m sure you’re well aware of, losing the baby weight is hard and it sucks. Its harder than just jumping on the treadmill and losing 5 lbs because now you have a baby, and you’re exhausted, and all you want to eat is sugar.
I’ve figured out some tricks that really help me lose the weight, and they’ve worked three times now. I am a firm believer on learning to listen to your body, rather than follow a plan.
You aren’t a robot, your body needs things and it wants you to listen. Some days your body needs more protein others more sugar. Learning to understand what your body is wanting, and how to manage cravings is really what my book is about. Its simple, a quick read with tips you can apply.

I know these work for me, and I really want them to work for you and help you. That’s why I wrote this book. If you aren’t sure, email me! I promise my blog isn’t that big, and my inbox isn’t that full, so send me a question. I’m happy to answer it, and let you know if I think the book will help you. I’m honest to a fault, so I won’t sell you. Email me at

Or, if you want to sign up for random emails, where I only send out fun things and no spam, I choose a random subscriber each month to get the book for free. I also offer discounts randomly too. My email list isn’t huge, so you’ll have a good chance!

Of course my sister was the first person I gave my book too. She loves it, and she’s dropped a lot of the weight she’s gained with her first baby. That’s her in the photo, and she said I could share her results. If you want to ask her about the book, send me an email, and I will forward you over to her.
I also got great feedback from the moms who have read it so far, which I’ll be posting their feed back here soon. Here’s what one blogger said,
I love that it’s quick and easy to digest, pun intended… I really love that you include humor among your tips. It makes it very relateable. I also love that you include related articles, which I think boosts your expertise.  -Brittany Ferrell
I really think the book will help you, so here it is if you want to purchase it to start losing that baby weight now.




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