eating carbs for weight loss


How To Eat Carbs and Lose The Baby Weight

Carbs are a huge part of my life postpartum, even while losing the baby weight. With the keto-craze happening right now, it seems to me that everyone is scared of carbs. Carbs are amazing, and you can totally eat carbs and still lose weight. I am a carb-eater, and with breastfeeding and running, I need them to function. If I switch to low carb, I want to die and scream for days. If this is you, DON’T WORRY! You can eat carbs. Your body might like to run off of carbs, and feel terrible in ketosis, so don’t force it. Let’s go over how to eat carbs and still lose the baby weight. First, you want to eat as many healthy carbs as possible. Most of the foods on my 5 best foods for milk supply and losing the baby weight are carbs. They are amazing for milk supply and…