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How To Lose The Baby Weight With Protein Shakes+ My Favorite Protein

Now that I’ve lost over 25lbs of baby weight three times now, I have some great tips, like protein shakes to help other mamas lose the extra baby weight. Protein shakes are a wonderful way not only to ensure protein, but also to get enough nutrition! For me, we are such a busy family, I don’t always get a chance to cook as much as I’d like. I can handle cooking dinner, but preparing other healthy meals is unrealistic, so protein shakes really help me. Protein shakes, if you choose theย  right kind, offer protein and a range of other nutritional benefits that will curb sugar cravings, give your body nutrients and vitamins it needs, in addition to being quick and easy. I go over why protein is essential for weight loss more in detail in this post.ย  Basically, protein supplies your muscles, cells, skin, hair and other organs with…