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Happy Mom playing with daughter and son

Having a toddler means you know all about a fussy child. Because this is the age when children get distracted very easily and tend to have tantrums the most.

It’s important for the parents of a toddler to know how to keep him entertained so they don’t start throwing bad tantrums too often.

Here we have got 20 ways to keep your little love entertained throughout the day. Try them and you are gonna get a happier version of your own child.

1. Play Taste Test with Your Kids
Get your inner chef in action. Make different food items for your children and let your kids be the judge. They will love the taste testing game.
Meanwhile, you can take care of your toddler’s health by making nutritious food. Try simple vegetables and fruits that are good for children.
That way your kid’s required diet will be achieved without them making any fuss about the food. Well, that’s called smart parenting I guess.

2. Start a Sword Fighting
Toddlers love to be physically active all the time. So get the most interesting toy swords available in the market and start the fight.
Here’s a list of force fx lightsabers for you. Kids will just go crazy over these Star Wars-inspired illuminating swords. It will be a great time pass for both kids and the crazy parents.

3. Play a Boardgame
Board games are great entertain-tools for not only the kids but for the whole family. Because it’s a game played in groups.
So, make time to gather up all the family members together to play some board games. Simple board games like the ludo (not the virtual ones), snakes and ladders, etc. are perfect to play with toddlers.

4. Engage in Indoor Activities
The world is moving back to normal from the COVID-19 situation. However, the threat is not completely gone though.

Therefore, encourage your toddlers to participate in creative indoor activities. For example, you can plan for a treasure hunt game in the house.

Make a small karaoke studio for the kids to pass their time at home. Or you can make up your own in-house adventurous games to keep your kids entertained all the time.

5. Play Show and Tell Letters
It’s equally important to entertain your child and educate them. But, it becomes fun when you can do both at the same time.
Play ‘Show and Tell Letters’ with your kids every now and then. Pick one alphabet for a day. And find things to show and guess the name initiating with that particular letter.

6. Make a Kitchen Garden Together
Take your children to plant some seeds of herbs. Let them water it daily and ask them to take care of it.
They will love to see those growing. And you will love to watch them being entertained by such a little thing.

7. Do Some Household Chores Together
Based on your child’s age and ability, give them little tasks while doing the household chores. Whether it helps or not, make them feel like they are helping.
For example, while cleaning the house, give your little one a piece of cloth or paper towel and let them clean a little surface. Kids love to know when they come in help.
Besides, they will keep busy through that time.

8. Make a Photo Album
Years ago, this was a family pastime to arrange the photos in a photo album book. Nowadays, we save and showcase our photos digitally.
But, some things never go out of fashion. So, take out all the good family pictures and ask your kids to paste them to make an album.
Tell them to write a little caption with each photo.

9. Solve a Puzzle
Keep your little busy with simple puzzles. Puzzle-solving helps in your child’s brain development.
Children who often solve a puzzle are good at recognition. It teaches patience too.
If you want to keep your child happily engaged in something for some time, get them a puzzle to solve.

10. Play Kitchen and Cooking
You can find a ton of kitchen toy sets for kids. Get one of them and keep your little one entertained for hours.
This game can also encourage your child’s cooking skills, although they are not doing any real cooking. Kids are good at imagination.
So, don’t worry about what they are cooking with their kitchen toy set.

11. Let Them Mold Clay into Shapes
Children are creative and curious by nature. If your toddler shows interest in crafts, he will love it. Molding clay is a sensory activity that helps children’s eye and hand coordination. It also increases their attention span.

12. Get Some STEM Toys
STEM toys are not meant to just entertain your kids. These toys encourage your children’s development in the core area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Here you can find some amazing STEM toys that will keep your child entertained while making them smarter.

13. Go for a Bike Ride
Riding a bicycle is one of those basic skills that every child needs to learn at an early age. Hopefully, your toddler already has mastered that skill.

So, get the bike out on the road and take him on a bike ride. If possible, take out yours too and join your child. Bike riding is not only entertaining but also a good physical exercise for kids as well.

14. Feed the Birds
Make a DIY bird-feeder with your kid and teach them how to use it for bird-feeding. It’s a kind act. So, while entertaining himself watching the birds eating, your child will become kind and responsible too.

15. Make the Dinner Table Ready Together
If your toddler is strong enough, let him take some responsibility around the home. Let them lay the dinner table every day at a specific time.

Soon enough he will understand that he has a role to play in the family. This sense of being responsible and helpful will make your kid enjoy their work more.

16. Get Them a Pet
Pet animals are fun. Especially if you go to work and have to leave your toddlers back at home. Then you should get a pet for your kids.

Your kids will enjoy their time playing, teasing, and treating their pets. However, before getting a new pet, it’s important to learn how to introduce a new pet into your home.

17. Pillow Fort
Kids love to live their imagination. Help them build their pillow fort.

Participate with them sometimes if possible. Who knows, you can relive your childhood memories again.

18. Make a Paper Boat
Teach your toddler how to make a paper boat. Then float the boats in the water with them. They are guaranteed to have a great time.

19. Puppet Play
Buy your kids a puppet playset and make time to play with them. Don’t forget that puppet play is a great way to improve your little one’s language and communication skills through play.

So, utilize this game to both entertain and develop your kids’ emotional intelligence.

20. Make a Birthday Card
Encourage the little one to design and prepare a birthday card for one of his friends, playmates, or for any family member.

Children enjoy whenever they create something for their loved ones. However, observe and help your kid if they need it.

Final Words
Keeping your toddlers busy and entertained takes much energy and time. We are well aware of that fact.

But, once you try these 20 hacks to keep your kid entertained, you will never regret putting all that energy and time trying.

So, try these hacks, and Happy Mom playing with daughter and son

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