easter basket ideas toddlers


Easter is just around the corner, and I am on the hunt to create some fabulous Easter baskets this year! Last year we were traveling, so we did Church events and egg hunts. This year, I am ready to add the baskets! I’ve been searching for some cute ideas, because I don’t want to just fill it with candy. I’m sure my boys would die for a basket full of skittles, but let’s be honest, that will just cause a huge, sugar-induced disaster. So, I wanted to find fun ideas that incorporated gardening tools (because spring planting!), learning activities, faith-based books and more. I thought you all might be looking for similar ideas, so here’s my list of inspo to get you all started on your Easter baskets! First Idea is a Little Gardner’s Theme: I love this because my little boys love to dig in the dirt. This is…