first trimester


Morning sickness, or all-day sickness is my least favorite experience being pregnant. I had to develop some awesome tricks to survive the icky, terrible headachy hang over that would start hitting me soon after breakfast, and slam into me by evening. I remember laying on the couch, sick and pregnant with my second, not even able to celebrate my first son’s first birthday. The intense fatigue that literally pulls you into a coma is impossible to fight at times, yet with two toddlers (3.5 and 2), I couldn’t just fall asleep whenever I felt like it. With my first, I’d fall asleep in the car on my lunch break. Adding toddlers to the mix is a completely different world, and here are the tricks that helped me survive the 20 weeks it took me to feel better again. Protein at Breakfast: I became obsessed with Starbucks Egg White and Feta…