healthy lactation snacks


As a breastfeeding mama, I am a snacker. I literally could just non-stop snack to my heart’s content if I wanted too. There’s actually not anything wrong with that, if your body likes a constant fuel source. Breastfeeding mama usually crave sugar. There are lots of real reasons behind this, and I think snacking is a great way to tame those sugar cravings. Snacks keep our blood sugar from dropping, which is part of the reason we get sugar cravings. With the expenditure of calories from breastfeeding and working out if you are trying to lose the baby weight, to the long nights, it is a perfect storm for the sugar monster. Here are amazing, high-protein snack ideas to keep you from giving in to the sugar love, and eating a healthy, nutritious diet to keep your milk supply rocking. Diet is key to keeping your milk supply healthy, but…