peeing pants while running


I had an embarrassing moment the other day, after a hard run, and I decided to share it on my Instagram stories because I knew there were probably many other moms experiencing the same thing. After running a few miles and doing some sprints at the end, I totally peed my pants. It wasn’t just a small leak, I full on, let it go experience, with no control. I realized how much work my core and pelvis really needed, despite all the time I’ve spent getting back in shape. I’ve talked about my Diastasis Recti and small umbilical hernia, and my plan to repair it without surgery. It was from my Insta strories that Amanda at Empower Your Pelvis reached out to me with her program. Read on to learn about the program, and save the code: JOY20 for 20% if you think it is a good fit for you! …