postpartum weight loss


A diet high in protein for post-pregnancy weight loss is super effective for breastfeeding moms. If you are breastfeeding, your body requires extra nutrients and protein to help sustain milk production. This is a large topic on my blog because mamas like you are coming back to me time and again for new smoothie recipes, information on choosing protein powders, and which ones are the best for breastfeeding, workouts and more. There are thousands of readers a day coming here for this information, and the one thing I haven’t gone into detail about is why a high-protein diet is perfect for post-pregnancy weight loss. Now, I don’t focus on weight loss as fast as possible. For me, I was able to lose it all by 6 weeks postpartum, but that is because my body was used to shedding the weight. I felt great, and had an over abundance of milk…