I’m Autumn, the blogger and mom behind Joyful Messes. I use this blog as a way to process mothering three wonderful kids.  I have now found myself helping new mommies all over the world to lose weight while breastfeeding and heal diastasis recti after babies.  I also blog about mom life, parenting, recipes, workouts, fashion, brands and products I think need to be shared!

This journey of blogging and helping new mamas has been amazing, and I love doing it every day!

I still maintain my original goal of keeping life joyful, even in the messiest of moments. With 3 kids and lots of chaos LIFE IS MESSY!  I believe I’ve been able to navigate through all the messiness by CHOOSING joy in the messiest of moments. 

Feel free to shoot me an email at hello@joyfulmesses.com

Picture of Autumn Smith the owner of Joyful Messes