I’m Katie, founder and creator at Joyful Messes. I originally started this blog as a way to process mothering three boys. I have now found myself helping new mommies all over the world to lose weight while breastfeeding and heal diastasis recti after babies. I found that so many mamas were struggling to keep their milk supply and lose weight, so I tapped into my fitness and nutrition background to create The Postpartum Cure and Milk Dust. I’ve achieved my certification in Pre/Post Natal Fitness as well as PN1 Nutrition Coach certification with Precision Nutrition. For the past years, this journey of blogging and helping new mamas has been amazing, and I love doing it every day!

I also blog about parenting, recipes, workouts, fashion, brands and products I think need to be shared!

I still maintain my original goal of keeping life joyful, even in the messiest of moments. When I started this blog, I was pregnant with my third, with a 3 year-old and 2 year-old at home. Then, I had a baby, 4 year-old and 2 year-old, and LIFE WAS MESSY! I believe I’ve been able to navigate through all the messiness by CHOOSING joy in the messiest of moments. 

Feel free to shoot me an email at katie@joyfulmesses.com

postpartum nutrition

If you need help losing the baby weight and keeping up your milk supply, I have a very popular program, The Postpartum Cure, which comes in an app you can download. This program has helped hundreds of women lose their baby weight, while also keeping up their milk supply. It can be done!

Get more details and see what other mamas are saying!

Milk Dust Breastfeeding Protein Powder For Milk Supply + Weight Loss




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