This post probably contains affiliate links, to items I am in love with, and I am confident you will too! For any health advice I give on nutrition and wieghtloss, make sure you check with your doctor, as I am not a health professional. I am just a mama with lots of health and fitness knowledge and experience.

This 14-day, cleaning eating challenge for breastfeeding and postpartum mamas is meant to help you jump start your weight loss, while still giving your body a lot of nutrients to produce a healthy milk supply. Losing your milk does not need to happen with weight loss. If you properly nourish your body, then it will function optimally.

There are no calorie restrictions in this challenge. I have you focusing on pure, highly-nutritious foods that promote breast milk and weight loss at the same time.



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I give you some DELICIOUS Recipes to keep you motivated and feeling good.

I highly recommend this protein powder, that I am obsessed with for the morning shakes. It is so yummy, full of plant-based proteins, superfoods and digestive enzymes. It blends really well, and I made a nice little video to help explain why it is my secret to losing the baby weight without losing my supply.

Grab the challenge here, and let me know how you do!


I have a very specialized program for postpartum mamas looking to heal, nourish and regain their strength. I really struggled healing after my first child, and even went through pelvic floor physical therapy for weeks to manage scar tissue that developed from tearing. I have experience studying nutrition, physical therapy and I taught Pilates, so I’ve put together a program I wish I would’ve followed from the beginning.

A program that first heals your body through specialized movements and nourishing foods. Foods are so essential to your body finding the nutrients it needs to put itself back together again. Your postpartum body needs special care in the first 4-6 weeks where you focus on regaining strength and properly fueling your body for breastfeeding.

This program then moves you into gaining physical fitness back. I will never forget the first time I tried to go for a run around 12 weeks postpartum after my first baby. I didn’t do any strength work, so I was literally jelly. I had lost all my extra fat and my previous muscle. So depressing. I was barely able to start gaining it back before I got pregnant and sick again with my second. I’ve learned so much on maintaining muscle postpartum through a unique diet and Pilates routines. I walk you through all of this too!

Lastly, I take you into a workout program to combine with a meal plan to help you lose the baby weight, not your milk!! !

Enroll in the course before the price goes up after July 4th!

I created this program to be affordable and realistic for new mams!

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