The 5 Best Foods To Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply

I’m nursing my third baby now. I’ve finally got the hang of losing the baby weight, while keeping a tremendous amount of milk supply on board for the little one. I’ve even had a bout of mastitis from over producing, while still losing all the baby weight in about 2 months. Your diet is really key to telling your body its okay to let go of fat, while also providing the nutrients to produce the liquid gold your baby needs.

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Many moms get nervous that if they decrease their calories to lose the baby weigh, their milk supply will decrease also. This is especially worrisome for mothers who are working and pumping. In reality, you have to be very malnourished to stop producing milk. You’re body’s number one goal is to feed your baby, then yourself. What happens when you don’t eat enough nutrients is YOU suffer first.

There are plenty of foods that will help you lose your fluffy tummy, while still sustaining and increasing your milk supply, so you don’t have to worry! Here are the foods with recipes linked to help you on your postpartum weight loss journey, with out compromising any nutrients to your new bundle!

Here’s Your Food List To Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply!

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is fantastic for weight loss because it is full of fiber and iron. Fiber is what will make you feel full longer, as well as slow the digestion process so there’s not a huge spike in blood sugar. Iron is very important for nursing mothers because anemia has been shown to decrease a mother’s milk supply. Lot’s of oatmeal means lots of iron to beef up your supply and slim your waste. Check out these Skinny Overnight Oats In A Jar from Skinny Taste. 

Carrots: Nursing mamas need beta carotene as a major nutrient to produce breast milk. Carrots are a super healthy, low-calorie source of beta carotene, which means they are easy on the scale. They are also high in fiber, and handy to grab and dip. I’m actually not a huge fan of raw carrots, but they are really good roasted! That’s the main way I eat them. Here’s also a Healthy Creamy Thai Carrot Soup with Basil from Minimalist Baker.

Spinach: I know, I know, this is a typical diet food, but it is also really great for your milk, again because of the iron. Here’s a study where anemia was found to be associated with low milk supply, and I think its worth putting another iron-rich food on the list. Plus, spinach is loaded with other nutrients that are important to keep your body running and your weight on point. I personally don’t like spinach raw either, but cooked is a whole different story. I frequently put piles and piles of spinach in a pan to satee quick with a little salt, pepper and butter. Here is a Garlic Sateed Spinach Recipe from Skinny Taste you will love.



Almond Milk: Did you know that almond milk has more calcium than milk? It also has a ton of vitamin E, A and D, as well as healthy fats needed to help sustain your milk supply.  This milk is basically lower in calories, but substantial in vitamins, so its perfect as a weight loss helper and nutrient booster. I have loved almond milk for a long time, but those of you who can’t get away from your creamer or dairy, you can try some of the sweeter versions in smoothies, so you slowly get used to it! Smoothies are a fabulous way to consume a lot of spinach, almond milk and berries for a busy mom. I like to warm almond milk up, or steam it, then add a hot chocolate pack to it! Its so good in the winter, and your getting some valuable liquid nutrients in to encourage milk production, while helping you keep your tummy full with low calorie nutrients!

Fenugreek: Now this is a milky mama’s best friend, but I can’t stand the taste. I truly notice a difference when I consume this stuff, and here’s how I do it. I got these berry drink packs by UpSpring Milk Flow, and Mother’s Milk Tea. The berry packs you can take with you anywhere, and with all the traveling we do, its difficult to get in a lot of nutrients or cook up some spinach, so I drink these. At home, I like to warm up some almond milk and put in a bag of the mother’s milk tea. I sweeten it with some Stevia, and its a comforting drink that keeps my milk flowing.

Postpartum weight loss doesn’t always come easy. There’s so many hormones racing around, lack of sleep and intense sweet cravings to battle, but these foods are so good for your body and milk supply, as well as keeping you full while trying to lose weight. The true key is to put as many nutrients in your body as you can. The weight naturally falls off, when your body is given what it needs. Your body will also do what its supposed to do, like produce enough milk for your baby, if you give it the fuel to do so!

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  1. Great article! I love that you included an awesome recipe with every food. I find the hardest part, is that nursing makes me so incredibly hungry all the time. Sometimes I just need to know when to pump the breaks. lol. But these foods are wonderful options to really keep you full!
    Thank you also for your positive outlook! I agree with you. I feel that too many moms are so worried about getting the pounds off but they just really need to listen to their bodies and give it the right foods and the pounds will come off naturally, it shouldn’t be a forced thing.

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