This post probably contains affiliate links, to items I am in love with, and I am confident you will too! For any health advice I give on nutrition and wieghtloss, make sure you check with your doctor, as I am not a health professional. I am just a mama with lots of health and fitness knowledge and experience.

These are the beach hacks and tips that actually work for me and my kiddos, and we go to the beach weekly all year! I’m a beach-mom veteran now, and I’ve experienced all sorts of beach situations, leaving me to learn what I actually need, and what I don’t. One thing to remember is you can always vaccuum out the car. The end of the beach trip can be the most stressful because everyone is tired and sandy. Clean up the best you can, get everyone home and rested, then clean the car. It makes for a positive ending 🙂

Baby Powder to Remove Sand:

This is a popular trick that actually works to help the sand come off! We’ve tested it, and I was happy with how well it brushed the sand off their hands, especially for eating a quick snack!




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Baby Pool:

Babies are often scared of the waves, so they don’t want to go in the water. This keeps them confined and cool! Total life-saver if they aren’t walking yet, and you have older toddlers to manage.


Water Ice Balloon Packs:

Water balloon ice packs from Brit + Co! I am just finding these, and I LOVE the idea!

DIY Sand Toys:

Make your own sand toys! These are always way more fun from Sandy Toes and Popsicles. I’ve done this for years, but I need to get a picture of the random things we bring like measuring cups.

Gotta have your waterproof phone case. Non-negotiable. You can use a Ziplock sandwich bag, but I feel safer with this.

Wet Bags for Sandy, Wet Clothes:

I grabbed the Aloha bag at Walmart, and they have some super cute ones on Amazon.

This is a MUST!! Bring extra clothes too because they kids get tired of being wet and sandy, and they want to go home.

Poncho Beach Towels: They Stay On!

My ponchos are in the bag to keep some sand off of them. They have lasted years, and the boys love them!

These towels actually stay on your kids, so they can get try while having their hands free to play. It also keeps the towels from falling in the sand, and getting sandy.

Beach Cart/Stroller: These are SO HELPFUL!!

On the days we don’t bring this, there is a need for two of us to carry everything, or we have to make multiple trips. These allow you to push everything and keep track of your kids. If you need to stop and run after a child, you don’t have to drop everything.

Sand-proof Blanket:

Finally a way to minimize the sand everywhere!!

Beach Folding Chair for Mom:

Your back gets sore from sitting on a towel, trust me!

Spray Bottles and Fans for Kids:

Kids LOVE these, and they really help them cool off, as well as wash some of the sand off!

Spray Bottles to Spray off Sand:

These help tremendously getting sand off before getting back in the car. Sometimes there’s a huge line for showers, or kids won’t go in them, or there aren’t any, so this is a great way to spray and wash the sand off!

Four-Sided Beach Tent:

You need this one because of the wind. Believe me, it was not fun when I finally got my umbrella in the sand and set up, and it blew over, almost hitting the baby. These ones are much safer and more sturdy.

Having a shady place for kids to nap makes beach days WAY better! Otherwise you have to skip naps, which makes for a long day, or only stay a few hours, and after all that packing, you want to stay longer.

If you can get your kids to nap, then you can relax and enjoy the beach in peace!



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