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Halloween is an exciting holiday for many, but it can be stressful for pregnant moms to find the costume that fits their personality as well as their growing pregnancy belly. Pregnant women already have a hard time finding the perfect costume for their baby bump.

It is a great idea to get one that is not only unique and creative, but also comfortable for their mid-section carrying their precious cargo. There are plenty of costumes that pregnant mamas can consider. To make this process easier, here are some of the best Halloween costumes we could find for expectant mothers. You want to enjoy the festivities and have a spooktacular time until sweet baby bundle arrives.

Check out these ideas for where to start looking for affordable yet fun Halloween costumes for pregnant women!


15 Best Pregnancy Costume Ideas for Halloween

The Gumball Machine Maternity Halloween Costume

This is easily a top favorite costume for expecting moms because it is just so cute! It is also a very easy DIY maternity Halloween costume. If you’re interested in ready made ones, there are some here on Amazon.

Peas in a Pod Maternity Halloween Costume 

Want to try something fun with your pregnant bestie? This one is so perfect for you two even though you could be the only pea in your pod or glue some green balls to the dark green sheet to serve as fellow peas. Feel free to try this one out especially if you’re trying to be all creative alongside your pregnancy bestie on Halloween. You can purchase this pea in a pod costume from Amazon if you’re not going the DIY route.

Jack o’ lantern Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Ready to take on the holiday in cool comfort in this pregnant pumpkin costume? Spend Halloween rocking this pumpkin themed maternity shirt from Amazon for Halloween this year. It is a simple idea and there are lots of different styles in stock to choose from. This idea is classic and easy to grab for those last minute costume needs. Also great for those in warmer climates for the holiday.

Pregnant Avocado Halloween Costume

Avocado Halloween Costumes are very trendy due to how relatable they can be for preggos. A pregnant avocado costume will allow you to use your baby belly as the avocado pit in this maternity costume for Halloween! It’s a popular idea and also super easy to pull off whether it’s the inflatable kind or tunic kind. Want to check out some spooky avocado pregnancy Halloween costumes on Amazon? Click here.

Glow-in-the-dark Pregnancy Halloween Costume

Glow-in-the-dark shirts are very cute in the day but the magic happens when the light goes out. It is very comfortable and fits well with various sizes to accommodate you no matter how far along you are. Check out this baby skeleton costume from Amazon and put a glowing twist on your Halloween party experience this year! As in the picture it is one of the simplest great couples costumes too.

Cow Pregnant Halloween Costume Idea

This cheeky maternity Halloween cow costume is “udderly” creative. This one from Amazon is 100% cotton which is very comfy and it goes well with a pair of black jeans or leggings. Very simple yet fun!

Snowman pregnant Halloween Costume Idea

Showcase your baby belly this year with this adorable pregnant Halloween costume of a snowman which is totally perfect and simple. It only takes a simple white t-shirt, some orange felt, black pom-poms and a hat. We love a comfy and easy Halloween Costume.

Bun in the oven & Bread Maker Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for funny pregnant Halloween costumes, this one is a perfectly comedic oven-looking costume for pregnant moms that brings a smile to onlookers! It allows for you to have some extra fun wearing this for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating with your little ones! No matter how far along you are, it includes a one-size-fits-all tunic. This fun costume from Amazon is 100% polyester and should be very comfy and not restricting on an ever-growing pregnant belly! The best thing would be if your spouse will go dressed as the baker!

Maternity fairy costume

A beautiful costume like this that comes with amazing wings is a big YES for Halloween. This look is angelic and designed to make you feel special with your little one no matter where you’re at in the 9 months journey. A good one if you are looking for something a little more full-on glam. Feel free to check it out on Amazon here.

Maternity Baker Costume

You don’t need to be a baker mom to rock this pregnancy costume for Halloween this year. This maternity Halloween costume of a baker comes with white pants, jacket, and a baker’s hat. Beware – you may be tempted to sneak eating (or baking) donuts or cookies while wearing this baker’s outfit.

Tomato Sauce in jar Maternity Halloween Costume 

This tomato themed costume makes sense for any stage in your pregnancy to wear for Halloween this year. It means more fun showcasing your little tomato and this great costume from Amazon fits expectant moms no matter how far along you are! The good news is it’s cute and affordable and sure to bring a smile!

DIY Baby poking through your shirt Halloween Costume

I went as a mummy when I was pregnant with my second, just white pants and long sleeved tee, with white gauze wrapped around my big belly with big eyes showing in between the wrapping. Give it a try! It was a cute idea in a pinch!

 Halloween Peeking Kangaroo Joey Costume

Dress up for Halloween 2022 as your favorite marsupial while featuring a joey on your baby bump! Whether you decide to go with the printed version or DIY, you are sure to experience lots of fun! Check out this one from Amazon.

Little Pumpkin on The Way Pregnancy Halloween Costume  

Need something a little more casual to walk with the kids on Halloween night? Showing off your little pumpkin with this fun Halloween outfit is an absolute treat! You get to decide if you want to go the DIY route or maybe find something on Amazon to accessorize it with. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it’ll be bootiful!

Deviled egg Halloween Costume

This deviled egg costume is a fun twist for you and your little bundle of joy growing inside you! All you have to do is dress in all white, attach a yellow circle of felt to your bump, dress up with your horns and tails and go mama!

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, you might think that you have to take a break from being creative and showing off your sense of humor, but the truth is that there are many fun costumes for pregnant women out there. Some other DIY ideas to use your belly this Halloween are turn it into a disco ball, a fish bowl or mother earth!

Most of them start with just a simple t-shirt. So the goal today is to see just how cute you can make those nine months look when you go out in public this October 31st. This collection of costumes are lots of fun, and not to mention super easy with some simple craft supplies.

Or try some cosplay ideas that are sure to strike up entertaining conversations with your friends. They will quickly break out their camera to start taking pictures of your costume with your little peanut. Who knows you might even win a costume contest with some of these great ideas!

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