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As a mom of three, I’ve found that tips, tricks and hacks are so helpful. I love the “aha. why didn’t I think of that?” moments when I see someone doing something I should’ve been doing all along. There are lots of hacks new mamas need to know, and I’ve put together a list of the super smart, super useful ones all in one place. I wish I was able to think of these myself, but I was just a normal tired mom, incapable of thinking about much other than when the baby was going to sleep. These people are rock stars in the parenting world because they’ve used what brainpower they have left to make life easier for the rest of us! If you are looking for the popular sippy-cup strap, that’s on Etsy here!
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Save space in the diaper bag! By One Crazy House

Stain remover! I never got my stains out. Tutorial at My Life in Pink

Smartest. Mom. Ever by One Crazy House again.

Mother’s Milk Popsicles by

DIY pumping bra byby Pretty Providence

Get this baby shower cap to help with bath time

Let baby hold their own bottle! Grab this ball, and you are good to go! From Parenting Hacks

This is a portable high chair!! You don’t know how many times I needed this!

As a co-sleeper, so annoyed I didn’t do this!! Tutorial at

I can’t tell you how many sippy cups I’ve lost. But these turn any cup to a sippy cup. In my Amazon cart now!

I can not find the source for this photo, but I can tell you that I have a crib just waiting for me to do this!

Definitely doing this one like tomorrow. Everything is under the seats right now, and I don’t want to look.

This one is genius for giving medicine! I would give a little, then nurse the baby to get the medicine down, but this looks even easier!

Is a mop onesie the funniest thing you’ve ever seen??

And this idea! You can grab these on Etsy HERE!

YouTube video


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