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Stress is a major aspect of being a mom. It starts as soon as we are pulled out of bed by hungry and hyper children. Managing the stress is such a process in itself. Many of the experts advise on taking time to yourself. But, in my opinion, committing to time to myself is stressful. I don’t need time to myself, I need time to get some things done. Getting things done is what relieves stress in my world. But really, there’s always things to be done, and learning to manage our stress is the best direction we can take. Here are some tips that help me manage the stress in my life, and believe me, I have a lot.

First, take Fish Oil:

This is the simplest step you can take. I take Nature Made® Fish Oil 1200mg One Per Day. It’s sold at Walmart as a single item or Twin Pack (one for home/work, yourself/significant other, or merely “great value”) Take Only 1 softgel per day provides 720mg of heart healthy omega-3s (660 mg EPA/DHA).†  Nature Made® fish oil supply only comes from wild caught ocean fish, not farm raised fish, which I love, and there’s N Color Added, No Artificial Flavors, No Yeast or Starch, Gluten Free.

Second, Get a Stress Notebook:

I have a stress notebook, which is included in my planner. I use my planner to remember dates and deadlines, but also to write down the things that are stressing me out that day. I do this because it helps me vent and get it off of my mind, and sometimes when I write it down, I realize it’s not that much. Things seem bigger in your mind, so when you right it down on paper it becomes smaller and more manageable. Most of the time, I can make an action plan to knock some of the smaller stressors off my list. Other times, it reminds me to pray about the larger things that are causing me stress. When I look back at the items that were stressing me out, I find thanks in the blessings, which centers me to move forward in my day with more faith and peace. A stress notebook is something that doesn’t have to be a part of your planner, and it doesn’t really have to be a journal either. Its just a running list of stresses that helps me see that they are smaller than they seem. Then I can move forward in the day with lighter steps.

Third, Bump The Tunes And Dance:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been up maybe an hour, had one sip of coffee and literally cleaned 43 messes and broke up 17 fights. So, I get my jams on. I dance a little and continue rocking momlife to a better beat by drowning out the whining. I encourage my boys to dance with me, and the baby loves to be held while I’m dancing. It throws us out of a funk and back into a positive mood. I like to get some old school Micheal Jackson on, Justin Timerberlake, Country Music, or if the kids are lucky, I’ll put some kid version sing-along playlist on. But this is more for me, so it doesn’t happen often.

The stress of momlife is something we can’t avoid or escape. Its constant and every day, so finding small things to help us manage our stress is so important. These three tips are ways I personally get through the difficulties, what are some ways you handle mom stress? I’d love to more ideas to help me get through the day! Remember to check out the Nature Made® Fish Oil 1200mg One Per Day. That I grab at Walmart to help your brain manage the stress!


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