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A common sleepover is usually composed of a classic board game, pillow fights, and finger foods. From themed pajama parties to movie marathons and DIY activities, each idea is a chance for them to express individuality.  Picture your kids excitedly requesting our permission to invite their best friends over! Nowadays, people tend to be more creative in making each teen party special especially sleepover parties. I created this list to understand the progressive changes in slumber parties potentially. 

kids having sleepover

Planning sleepover teen parties isn’t just about fun; it’s a gateway to fostering lasting memories and valuable life skills. These gatherings provide a safe space for self-discovery, laughter, and bonding, contributing to their emotional well-being. So, as we tackle this content of sleepover teen party ideas, let’s embrace the joy and benefits these experiences bring to our kids’ lives. So prepare the sleeping bags and the most fun games, so they can experience the best sleepover party ever! 

1. Scavenger Hunt

Hosting a sleepover? Why not add a classic game of adventure with a scavenger hunt? Moms, you may see the joy on their faces as they enter a quest for hidden treasures. Create a list of easy-to-find items or clues, like a treasure map leading to a secret stash of goodies. Next, scatter these clues strategically around the house.

scavenger hunt

2. Colorful Face Masks 

A room filled with laughter, cozy blankets, and colorful face masks is a must at any slumber party. A fun night with face mask crafts is a great way to spend the night. Little girls and boys, grab the art materials, legs crossed in the living room, and have a great time with your party guests!

colorful masks

3. Movie Marathon

Create a cozy movie corner with blankets and pillows for a perfect movie-watching experience. Don’t forget the snacks – popcorn, candies, and maybe some homemade treats! Encourage your teen to invite friends to vote on their favorite movies. Make it interactive by adding trivia questions between films.

kids eating popcorn

4. Hula Hoop Games

Hula Hoop Games are a great idea to make up a classic party game. Start with a “Hoop Race” – who can roll it the farthest? Encourage creativity with a “Hoop Design” contest, where teens decorate their hoops. Spice things up with “Musical Hoops” – like musical chairs but with hoops!

hula hooping with girls

5. Card Games

Let’s make the sleepover amazing with some cool card games! First up, we have “Go Fish.” It’s easy – just match those fishy cards! Then, dive into the excitement of “Uno” Watch out for those tricky wild cards! And for a bit of mystery, try “Old Maid.” Who will be left holding the sneaky Old Maid card? These card games will add a dash of joy to your party, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

girls playing uno

6. Water Bottles Decorations

Imagine your teen’s slumber party with water bottles! These everyday items can be the life of the party when adorned with funky decorations. Gather colorful papers, glitter, and stickers. Start by wrapping the bottles like presents or creating cool patterns. These personalized water bottles will not only keep the older children hydrated but also add a touch of unique style and some goofiness to their sleepover.

recycled bottles with designs

7. Nail Polish Salon

Picture a cozy spot where younger kids could have a fun time through pampering. The friendly nail artists will greet you with big smiles. Choosing different colors becomes an exciting journey—bright reds, calming blues, and sparkling golds. While the teen’s nails transform into a canvas of joy, you can relax and chat with them.

colorful nail polish

8. Pillow Fight

Every mom knows the joy of seeing their little ones having fun sleepover games. A great game that transforms any room into a battlefield of softness through the night. Pillow fights represent a good time in teens’ fun memories. The pillows become shields and giggles, the victory chant. In those moments, as a mom, you’re witnessing the best things your children could ever experience. 

girls pillow fight

9. Glow Sticks

As the sun met the horizon, the kids automatically activated their glow sticks, transforming the room into a neon wonderland. Great addition to that, they craft glowing bracelets, necklaces, and even improvised glow crowns.

girls playing glow sticks

10. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight tag brings a fun twist to the slumber party, especially under the stars. One of the best sleepover ideas is an exciting outdoor game played in the dark. One player becomes the “tagger” with a flashlight, aiming to find and light up others. When tagged, players join as taggers. It mixes hide-and-seek with tag, adding a fun challenge in the dark.

flashlight under the stars

11. Dance Party

A simple game where you just need an open space and groove your body to your favorite songs! A classic sleepover game that makes you sweat and have fun without thinking that there are any game rules. Dance with your close friends as if you’re celebrating your birthday party. 

teens dance party

12. Fashion show

Put up a cozy living room turned into a runway, where our fashionistas strut their outfit or the trendiest PJs. Great options are blankets as capes and pillows as accessories, creativity takes center stage. From bedtime chic to pillow-inspired glam, the sleepover turns into a runway extravaganza.

kids fashion show

13. Ice Cream Fun

Who would not want the tastiest and sweetest treat ever? The highlight? A delightful ice cream show that will make their hearts skip a beat. A good way to see your little ones assembling their ice cream sundaes, mixed with colorful toppings and drizzled with syrups. No time limit, just decorating and tasting the ice creams creating memories to cherish.

ice cream decorating

14. Video Games

I can still remember that tiny disk that had different games in it. The one that has 1000+ games has Super Mario, Adventure Island, Contra, and many more. With an array of video games, these young gamers will enjoy fun challenges, and conquer quests which is a good way to create lasting memories.

video games for teens

15. Popcorn Bar

Convert any tipi tents into a popcorn bar! Sleepover guests would enjoy the bowls of fluffy popcorn. Encourage your kids to sprinkle on chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, and even a dash of cinnamon. A good idea snack for any movie night fun. Gather your best board games and let creativity flow as they mix and match flavors!

popcorn bar

16. Obstacle Course

Kick off any adventure with a lively entrance, setting the tone for a night of challenges and laughter. Use colorful decorations and playful music to create an inviting atmosphere. Design a variety of obstacles using easy-to-find, everyday items like cushions, chairs, and blankets.

diy obstacle course

17. Escape Room

Picture your 11 year olds and their friends decoding clues, solving puzzles, and unlocking hidden secrets—all in the cozy comfort of your own home. This should be set up in the right place to ensure their safety. Give them a piece of paper where they can encode the information they collected and the first person to escape is the winner. 

diy escape room

18. Blanket Fort

Create your teenagers’ cozy hideouts using the softest blankets, and fluffiest cushions that can be found at home. The fort is a fun way that will serve as their base where they can share their happiest memories. Moreover, it is one of the great sleepover ideas as it will enhance their social skills, they may play truth questions while combing each other’s hair or while playing the best video games.

diy blanket fort

19. Hot Cocoa Bar

If the sleepover will be held during the winter season then making a hot cocoa bar for the teens is a great thing to consider. The bar must-haves include cocoa powder flavors like hot classic, peppermint, or even a hint of caramel so they can have their choice of preference, various toppings like mini marshmallows, candy canes, and whipped cream. Through this, teens enjoy their personalized cups of warmth.

DIY cocoa bar

20. Pizza Galore

Do-it-your-own Pizza isn’t just available at birthday parties, it can be seen at sleepover parties also. Mommas, give your teens the most colorful aprons and prepare the baking essentials to make the most delicious dish as well as the healthiest pizza toppings. Designing pizza parties and then munching them later on is also one of the fun ideas to spend the night over.

pizza galore

21. Camera Game

Do your teens aspire to become photographers soon? This camera game is a game-changer! This game provides a snapshot of friendship and creativity! The challenge is to snap the most candid moments, from pillow fights to silly faces. The result? A treasure trove of memories frozen in time.

camera game

22. Crochet Party

Have you ever dreamed of turning a sleepover into a magical crochet party? Well, grab your yarn and needles because it’s time for a stitching display! Start with a simple stitch, guided by experienced hands, as you weave tales and create fun. Excitement is now synonymous with accomplishments.

crochet party

23. Puzzle Mania

The air is buzzing with excitement as our teens piece together mysteries, enhancing problem-solving skills and bonding like never before. Harry Potter-themed puzzle is a great choice for puzzles as it gives off adventure vibes that leave hearts full and minds sharp.

puzzle party

24. Photo Room

If reminiscing is a thing to your teen then this is a wonderful idea for them. Create a wonderful backdrop where their photos are attached using cute clips with fairy lights. A photo room is a space full of colorful props and cool backgrounds that turn snapshots into masterpieces. Memories will flow as they check each photo, trust me, they will be the happiest!

photo exhibit

25. Book Coloring

What makes sleepovers extra fun? Book coloring! It’s like magic on paper. Imagine opening a book filled with black-and-white adventures waiting for your teen’s colorful touch. Each page is a canvas, and they are the artist! Grab them some paint and crayons then let them dive into a world of imagination.

coloring books

26. Word Games

Challenge those brain cells with games that make everyone think, strategize, and giggle together. I simply recommend Mad Libs, a classic word game that makes slumber party games enjoyable. To play, participants gather with Mad Libs booklets or printable templates. The game starts as players eagerly contribute nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more, unaware of the story context. As the blanks get filled, anticipation builds. Then comes the joyous revelation, as the completed story is read aloud, unveiling an absurd tale crafted collaboratively. 

mad libs

27. Painting

Painting is like using magical colors to create your world on paper. First, you pick your favorite colors, just like choosing toppings for a yummy ice cream sundae. Then, with a brush in hand, you bring a blank canvas to life, making it burst with happiness. It’s like a secret language between you and the colors, telling stories without using words.

painting party

28. Makeup Makeover

Thinking of a sleepover party? Prepare for the ultimate glam with the Makeup Makeover! From vibrant eyeshadows to sparkling lip gloss, it’s never-ending fun. Friends gather around mirrors, sharing beauty secrets and creating dazzling looks. As the night unfolds, every stroke of mascara and swipe of blush becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of their friendships.

makeup party

29. Charades

Let me tell you about Charades – the ultimate fun-maker! Charades is a game where friends act out words without speaking, and others guess what it is. Friends miming like actors, and everyone cheers when the correct guess is made. It’s a thrilling game that unleashes creativity and builds bonds.


30. Cupcake Decorating

Are you ready for a sprinkle of sweetness at your next sleepover? Gather around a table adorned with colorful frosting, sprinkles, and cupcakes waiting to be transformed into edible pieces. Cupcake decorating is about frosting and toppings also, it is about unleashing creativity and building memories.

cupcake decorating

31. Board Games

Sleepovers are a blast for teenagers, and board games bring an extra dose of joy to the party! These magical squares and cards hold the power to turn an ordinary night into an unforgettable adventure. Board games aren’t just about winning; they teach teamwork, strategy, and friendly competition. From classics like Trivial Pursuit to modern gems like Ticket to Ride, the choices are endless.

board games

32. T-shirt Designing

Sleepover parties are not just about games and snacks; they’re a canvas for creativity! Imagine a night filled with laughter and artistic flair as teenagers gather to design their very own T-shirts. The excitement begins with plain white tees as the blank pages of their imagination.

tshirt designing

33. Jenga Blocks

At sleepover parties, Jenga blocks are a blast! These wooden wonders bring laughter and excitement to the night. A tower of blocks, each one waiting to be carefully pulled and stacked on top. The thrill builds as the tower gets taller, and everyone holds their breath, hoping it won’t tumble.


34. Punchline Cards 

A delightful addition to your teenager’s sleepover party is the introduction of punchline cards. These tiny notes hold the power to turn a regular night into an unforgettable one. These punchline cards add fun, making everyone feel special and connected. 

punch lines cards

35. Cookie Rush

Looking for a sweet bonding? Bake some cookies! To begin with, gather the guests in the kitchen, wearing aprons and smiles. The aroma of vanilla and chocolate will instantly fill the air. With mixing bowls and measuring spoons, they’ll blend flour, eggs, chocolates, and vanilla with sugar, creating a magical batter to bake. 

In conclusion, as moms planning the best sleepover for your teen and their friends can be a hands-on task! With these fantastic games and ideas, your teen’s sleepover will be filled with joy, opportunities for growth, and unforgettable memories. From classic charades to hilarious scavenger hunts, these activities will keep the energy high and the smiles even higher.  Here’s to creating cherished moments that will be discussed for years!

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