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Finding your feet again after having a baby can be overwhelming. Our bodies are going through so much repair and recovery from giving birth, that there seems to be an increased soreness that happens while we are trying to get back into shape.

postpartum pain relief

Dealing with sore muscles, on top of aching shoulders from various nursing positions or headaches from lack of sleep is a lot. I’ve got some great tips to help ease the aches and pains that come post delivery while you are trying to get back into shape.

Let’s get into the details for some pain relief.

First, some Biofreeze® Professional. This is really some topical magic. What it does is override the pain signals with cooling signals. Basically, the cool sensation distracts your mind from the soreness. It really works wonders. Especially for new mamas with low back pain, cramping from nursing or shoulder pain as you get used to holding a new baby. With each baby, I’ve had to get used to holding a new born a lot. I have a sore neck and shoulders for the first few weeks, and Biofreeze® Professional really helps! I find myself sleeping in awkward positions at times because I co-sleep, so that can cause an intense neck ache the next day. You also might find that your baby carrier will make you sore at first too. Your body is now adjusting to carrying the baby outside of the body, and it takes some sore muscles to get through that. What’s great about this product for pain management is that it’s not a pain medication, there are no narcotics, its non-systemic and there are no NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), or salicylates. If you are nursing, this is an alternative option to help you get through the pain. But don’t use this for stitches, tears or open wounds that need to heal. Think bones, muscles and aches. You can find Biofreeze® Professional Reliever products in the green or colorless (dye-free) formats, which are never tested on animals and made in the US. Biofreeze retail version can be found at your favorite retailer. Biofreeze Professional must be purchased through your hands-on healthcare professional. Find a store and send your significant other out to get you some asap, or in addition to being available in stores, Biofreeze Professional is available from healthcare professionals, as an optimized, longer-lasting and smoother application product.

Here are the products I’ve used and like.

The roll on one is super easy to roll over small areas. I have a tight left shoulder, so I like to roll it over my shoulder after days I’ve held the baby more than usual. This acts super fast, and it keeps the gel off your hands!

I also like the spray.  My boys loves to “help” me spray it on my shoulders. This allows it to work on places that are hard to reach, like your mid-low back, between your shoulders, maybe your hamstrings, depending on what is sore.

There is also the standard gel that lasts longer. I tried this, and I thought it worked great as well. It depends on how you like to apply. My personal choice is the roll on because the roller portion felt good on my sore muscles too.

Next, try some peppermint oil. You can drink some peppermint tea or take it in a supplement. Peppermint oil is a natural muscle relaxant and pain reliever. It’s also a natural energizer, which will help you recover after birth and get back on your feet. This blogger talks about how she smelled peppermint oil to help her through the transition phase of labor. Amazing!

Third, take an epsom salt bath. Easing the aches and pains that are in places you don’t want to mention is difficult, but an epsom salt bath is a glorious way to help this. Epsom is a natural pain killer for bone, joint and muscle pain. Not sure about you, but after three babies, I definitely still experience bone pain in my pelvis, and these baths really help. An epsom salt bath increases magnesium and reduces inflammation, which is perfect for soreness after birth.

Fourth, foam roll your legs. Foam rolling the back of your legs, hips and thighs can actually help relieve tension on your back. Sometimes its our tight hamstrings (from sitting, and there’s a lot of sitting and nursing/bottle feeding with a new baby!) and tight muscles that are pulling on our back to create pain. What foam rolling does is a self-myofascial release that works out the knots in your muscles. These knots are pulling and causing the aches and pains, and the rolling itself can be a bit painful, but if you slowly work the knots out, it will really help. These exercises will guide you.

These are the tricks I’ve used with all three of my postpartum recovery periods. I find that my muscles get super sore while I’m trying to get back into shape after baby too. The Biofreeze® Professional is such a quick and easy way to find relief, that it really is my go-to. Finding the time to hop in the bath, or foam roll isn’t as easy with three kids, but they do help if you can do it.

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