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I am so excited I get to venture into the after-school snack territory this year. Its new territory, and I am finding that the more fun the snacks are, the more likely my boys are to eat them. Eating in general is not their strong point, unless it’s pure sugar. I am not super strict on sugar, because I want them to learn how to eat sugar in moderation. My boys love Coca-Cola™, and they get so excited to have a little bit with their after school snack. The Coca-Cola Mini Cans are great because the don’t drink that much. Boy do they feel special, and my husband loves a Coca-Cola, so they think they are big boys when I hand them their after-school treat. They get about half-way through, then I save the cans in the fridge for the next day.

These snack ideas are fun, simple, and you can make them with your kids, which is a great way to spend time together. The sprinkles on the caterpillars and butterflies make it fun for little ones, and my boys enjoyed spreading the peanut butter and cream cheese. They don’t look as cute when they help, but is really is fun.

I created some fun and healthy snacks that my boys love and have fun eating. These are simple, easy-to-make and involve just a few ingredients, so you don’t have to buy a bunch of ingredients to make each one.

First, we have these cute caterpillar and butterfly snacks:

Then, we have a beach and treasure chest snack set. Peanut butter is a major win here in our house, so this one was a big hit.

What you need for ALL the snacks:

Cream Cheese
Celery sticks
Graham Crackers
Ritz Crackers
Cheese fish crackers
Treasure Cereal (anything with colorful pieces that can be used as treasure)
Peanut Butter
Blue Food Coloring
Chocolate Chips

Caterpillars and Butterflies:

These are so simple. For the Caterpillars and Butterflies, you want to grab celery, apples, chocolate chips, one fourth of a graham cracker, cream cheese, blue food coloring and sprinkles.

Mix a few drops of blue food coloring, depending on how blue you want it with about 1/4 cup of cream cheese and set aside.

Fill a celery stick with plain, white cream cheese.
Spread blue cream cheese on two ritz crackers
Pour sprinkles on crackers
Stand crackers up in cream cheese that filled the celery stick
Place two chocolate chips in the front for eyes
Cut too super skinny pieces of celery to place as antennas

Take a small, 1/4 piece of a graham cracker and spread blue cream cheese on it. This is the body of your butterfly. Put two chocolate chips for eyes and cut two small skinny pieces of celery for the antennas. I put a bit of cereal on the body just for fun, but it’s not totally necessary.

For the wings, cut a round piece of apple, then cut that in half. Each half is a wing. Spread more blue cream cheese on the halves and sprinkle with sprinkles. Put the wings on both sides of the body, and there you have a butterfly!

These are fun to talk about how caterpillars change into butterflies. We talk about that, while we sip our Coca-Cola and make the snacks. If you feel ambitious, you can make a few different colors of cream cheese with your food colors, so there are different color caterpillars and butterflies.

For the Beach and Treasure Snacks:

This is another fun and simple one. Cut some circular apple slices. Spread peanut butter on the apple slices.

Use some of your blue cream cheese from the previous snack, and spread some at the edge. This is your water, and the peanut butter is your sand. Put a couple cheese fish crackers on the water, and your beach is almost done!

I used a bit of the celery leaf to make a palm tree. The boys don’t eat this part, but they like to place them in the peanut butter.

The treasure chests are their favorite.

These are simple graham crackers and peanut butter. Take one graham cracker and break it into the four pieces that are outlined for you. Then, break one of the pieces in half, so they are smaller. The smaller pieces will be the sides of the chest. You will need one more graham cracker to break off a piece for the top.

Spread peanut butter over all the pieces and stick them together to make a box. One on the bottom, two longer ones front and back, the short ones on the sides. Leave it open to fill it with the treasure cereal. If you aren’t into cereal, fill these with whatever your children like! Mine also love berries, and blueberries make a great filling for the boxes.

We have a lot of fun making these snacks. Probably more fun than eating them really. The boys love to sip their Coca-Cola treat while putting the eyes on the caterpillars or filling their treasure chests with gold.

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  1. Nicole Elliott ~ Client Reply

    These snacks are completely adorable! I love how they look so fun but aren’t super crazy complicated to make. We’ll have to try some soon!

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