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Holidays can be so joyous, yet so stressful. For me, I like to have some peace and quiet, where I can think and process my day. I love to chat, have fun and enjoy my family and friends, but I also need that quiet space to desensitize myself. When you are a guest at someone else’s house, it’s super difficult to do that because you may not even have your own guest room. Here are some genius ways to escape the crazy and rejuvenate yourself.

1. Take A “Nap”:

You can always tell your guests or others that you need a nap. This is where I actually escape with a magazine, like PEOPLE® magazine (my favorite!!), and veg out a minute. No one will bother you if they think you are sleeping. I grab my PEOPLE® while I’m out shopping for holiday food at Albertson’s or Safeway. I grab some hot cocoa or another cup of coffee and relax while others think I’m napping. The peace and quiet is priceless.

2. Focus on Gratitude

It’s so easy to get consumed with the business, prepping, decorating and cleaning that comes around the holiday season. Not to mention the financial stress that accompanies all that as well. I like to take a minute, either while I’m “napping” or before I get in the shower to write down all the people and things I am thankful for. This will switch your mind and your thoughts to positive things, and rejuvenate your soul by focusing on the spirit of gratitude.

3. Take A Walk By Yourself

Walking is super good for your body and mind. Even if its cold and raining outside, just go. The fresh air, beautiful fall and winter colors, and physical activity will really do a lot for your mood and your mind. It’s a great escape from all the food, messes, chatter and noise. With kids and extra people, it can be totally overwhelming and a good walk will do so much for your mind. If you have kids like me, I bundle them up in the stroller and put my headphones on. I do my best to tune them out and do the “oh wow” or “that’s awesome,” so they think I’m listening. Here’s the walk I took the other day. I am lucky to be near the ocean, which is therapy in itself, but the cold weather is beautiful too!

4. Run To The Store

Say you forgot something important. It could be anything, and you probably did. Run out by yourself, and take your time. Wonder through the aisles, grab your PEOPLE® while you’re there, get a special treat just for yourself and eat it in the store, or hide it when you get back. You know you can blame how long it takes you on the holiday rush. Say the lines were super long and the stores didn’t have enough cashiers. It’s really true this time of year anyway. Bring back some sort of chocolate or treat for everyone else, and they won’t even notice how long you were gone!

5. Just Drive and Jam Out

Be honest and tell everyone you’re going to take a drive. Blast some songs you love and cruise around to look at holiday lights, beautiful trees. Take a few pics of the beauty around you (pull over obviously), so you can come back and really relish in the beauty this time of year. Maybe it’s snow, maybe its the rain, or maybe the neighbors’ beautiful light display. Make sure to take notice of the things around you while you are lip synching your heart out to your favorite songs and get your groove back before returning.

I personally love taking my PEOPLE® wherever I go. It’s such a simple way to enjoy yourself whether you are visiting, traveling or having people over. And, you can grab it while you are doing your holiday shopping. A walk for me is another favorite way to escape some of the stress and re-center myself. What’s your favorite way to get away quick?

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  1. Love your advice! Fun and refreshing ideas to stay sane this season. Except I won’t be lip syncing, I’ll be singing at the top of my lungs. ?

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