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It is almost that time of year to celebrate our children’s grandparents!  We may know them as Mom and Dad, but to our kids, they are the beloved Grandma and Grandpa (or whatever other adorable names they may call them).  The ones who are always ready to let them get away with just a little more sugar than Mom and Dad do and who love to spoil our kids rotten! 

So what can we get for these cherished family members for the Grandparents’ Day holiday?  What could possibly express the love that your children feel for their grandparents?  Thankfully, there is a wonderful company called Minted with many unique photo gifts.  These are sure to bring warmth and joy to the hearts of those who receive them.  Here are five of the best gifts for grandparents available on Minted!


Heart-Shaped Collage

heart shaped photo collage


While we all enjoy flipping through a photo album, they tend to get forgotten on the shelf and looked through less and less as time passes.  The Heart-Shaped Photo Collage holds up to 30 photographs. A great way to display the sweet memories your parents and children have made together throughout the years! 

Including special moments between the three generations can add even more depth to the image.  This picture is sure to be hung in a central location to be seen every day. It is an excellent way to help them brag about their darling grandchildren!  The heart-shaped arrangement is an additional reminder of the love your kids and their grandparents have for each other.


Photo Cover Notebook

photo cover journal notebook

In our family, the older generations are notorious for always having notebooks and writing utensils handy!  This customizable photo cover notebook can have a personal photo on both the outside and inside of the cover. The transparent outer cover shows the picture while guarding it against damage. 

Give grandparents a notebook they can use to write down special memories made with their grandkids.  With each filled page a story of family, love, and laughter will begin to form. This story can be passed on to your children to view the memories of their childhood. But they will get to see it through the eyes of their grandparents when they are older!  The grandparents will love having such a special memory-keeping gift!


Photo Puzzles

photo puzzle gift

One of our family’s favorite memories is sitting together around a card table set up in the large living room of my grandparent’s house. We would always be working on puzzles together.  Often there would be up to four generations gathered around at once! 

A puzzle is a timeless gift that keeps on giving.  Each time it is put together as the children grow older, they can be regaled with stories from their grandparents. Stories about the days when they were smaller. 

With a special keepsake box and room for multiple pictures, this Milestone Puzzle from Minted is a beautiful way to give the grandparents pictures. It will also be providing quality time spent together between your kids and your parents. 

You can choose to gift them with a simple puzzle with a dozen larger pieces or one more challenging with up to 252 smaller pieces. Either way, this gift will provide fun and enjoyment for years to come!


Simple Display Photo Calendar

photo calendar

A calendar is always on the wall if your grandparents are anything like mine!  From scheduling visits and vacations with the grandkids to doctor appointments. A calendar is something they will use daily.  This photo calendar has several different layouts giving you ample space to include as many pictures as you would like. It will still leave plenty of room for the grandparents to fill in their scheduled appointments and activities.  You can even customize their calendar by having important dates printed directly into it!  Your children’s grandparents will love having a calendar full of photos of their loved ones.  


Everlasting Cheer Photo Pillow 

photo pillow gift

  We all know how the kids love to get cozy at Grandma and Grandpa’s. They are always using the throw pillows as personal pillows for naps and fort cushions!  This photo pillow will be a perfect addition to the living room furniture. It will delight your kids when they see their pictures on it.  

Even if Grandma and Grandpa can’t quite crawl into the fort, they can be there in spirit with this photo pillow!  A washable cover makes it an ideal gift for grandparents that will last for years.  Customizable with a favorite quote makes it even more memorable and special. 

This is even a great gift to get one for the grandparents and a matching one for the grandkids so when your children are missing Grandma and Grandpa between visits, they can hug their special pillow with the pictures of them together on it!


No matter what you decide to gift your parents on Grandparents’ Day, remember that it is the thoughtfulness that counts!  Even if your children’s grandparents don’t need anything. Any of these gifts would bring a heartwarming smile to their faces when they open them.  Whether they enjoy puzzles or framed pictures, notebooks and calendars, or having plenty of throw pillows for the grandkids’ forts, the most special aspect of each of these is the photos included and the memories they invoke. 

With all of the customizable options, you will be able to put multiple photographed memories that your family treasures in one place to be seen and reminisced about often. Regardless how times change around us, the gift of precious memories will always be the most cherished gift!


And if you need some tips on how to take some great photos of your kids to include in gifts like these check out this post 10 Photography Tips to Capture Great Photos of Your Kids.

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