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Getting your baby to sleep longer through the  night can seem impossible in the early months of motherhood. Sleep becomes this commodity we will do almost anything for. I remember with my first baby, he was wide awake in the middle of the night, and I had tried everything to get him tired. I had him swinging for a good hour with music on just staring at him with my eyes drooping shut every 10 seconds. Since the early days, and two babies later, I’ve found some things that work really well to help get babies to sleep longer through the night. 

A Warm Bubble Bath:

Make sure to click on the item above to shop! This actually makes a huge difference in relaxing the baby, their muscles and allowing for some extra play and bonding time to finish the day off on a positive, relaxing note. I found the JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Bubble Bath, which I think is absolutely amazing for little ones! It has a relaxing NaturalCalm aromas that actually help soothe baby before bed! There are no parabens, no phthalates and it is hypoallergenic! We have sensitive skin, so this is perfect!

I grab it on Amazon. I am actually a big fan of the sink baths because I can be in the kitchen watching the toddler play or snack, while still bathing the baby. It helps because the kneeling down gets my back! I also use the JOHNSON’S® Bedtime Wash, which I love the JOHNSON’S® products because they are super gentle! We all have sensitive skin, and are swimming in the pool or ocean daily, so we need a gentle, naturally derived soap. JOHNSON’S® now has fewer ingredients, free of dyes and sulfates and higher standards than before. I believe JOHNSON’S® raises the bar when it comes to what’s best for our babies, with a commitment to safety and innovation.

A Bed Time Chore:

I try to clean up the kitchen before bed time, and I have even my littest one help me start the dishwasher. He know as soon as he sees me load it up that he gets to push the buttons to start it. The sound of it starting on his command is so exciting. He also gets to push the dryer button too. Those little things signal to his brain that it is bed time, and he feels accomplished that he did a good job helping me. I don’t know about you, but I sleep a lot better knowing I accomplished something, and I think the same goes for little ones too.

A Bed Time Game:

I love playing a special game while snuggling, and I noticed the last little bit of emotional fulfillment really helped my little ones relax and go to sleep. Seriously, like magic. They loved patty-cake and “what does the dog say?” game. I ask them what all sorts of animals say, followed by lots of animal noises, and they love it. This also helps get them ready for bed because they know after the game comes a song.

A Bed Time Song:

Personally, I believe that a song helps control their mind, so they can’t jump around as much in thought and relax. Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, so when you fall asleep it keeps repeating? I think a song time is so helpful, and they fall asleep with the music on their mind, rather than all sorts of other things. Because their minds go to sleep less jumpy, they can sleep longer! I sang all sorts of songs to my little ones, but the Thomas The Train theme song and Jesus Loves Me is a big hit right now.

A Bed Time Massage:

This is one of the most helpful things you can do, to get your baby to sleep longer. It relaxes all their growing muscles! My boys love it when I rub their back to sleep, and they have since they were super little. If you use a great lotion like JOHNSON’S® Cotton Touch Lotion.  I also like the Bedtime Lotion too. Both have a great smell and super gentle on skin. We seriously need lots of lotion with all of our pool swimming here in Florida.

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