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Getting your happy back is something that’s probably crossed your mind at some point in your motherhood journey. Where did it go? Somewhere along the road of motherhood our pure joy and enthusiasm dwindles to utter surrender as we slave away for our babies, toddlers and kids. Many of us find ourselves in spurts of complete irritation with our children. Even me, a happy, easy-going person has had weeks of complete frustration and irritation with the lack of freedom, constant wining, never-ending interuptions and sleepless nights. Well, I’ve found a way to become a happier, more grateful mommy in 5 minutes by doing these very simple things.

First, I Look at Old Videos and Pictures

This is so helpful!! I am reminded of how innocent and cute my now trying and rebellious 5-year-old is. I look back at the beautiful memories and footage of our family, first words and milestones, and I can’t help be greatful for the beautiful and healthy children I have. I highly recommend creating one of these beautiful coffee-table books for the moments you need to remember how cute and wonderful your children are.
hardcover photo book

Mixbook is also has a great deal for your first order, 50% off. This is a great place to make some photo books to remind you of the beautiful family you have, when they won’t stop screaming haha!

Second: I Watch #Momtruths by Cat and Nat

I am sure you ahve your own, go-to video of some kind, but their insta-stories and Momtruth videos are so funny and real. It lightens my spirit and picks me up a bit. I am not alone!! The videos are about 3 minutes of pure, momlife. Put a show on for the kids or pop it on during nap time. It can really lift your mood quickly! If you want to go a little deeper, I highly recommend taking the 10-day course called The Power of Happiness, by Vanessa Van Edwards. Life-changing and worth your time as a mommy!!

Third: Dance With Your Kids

Sometimes we all need to get out of a funk, so I put the music on, I don’t talk to them, but I just dance with them. Sometimes I am totally just talked-out. I seriously can’t talk anymore, so I blast the tunes. No one can hear each other, and I take turns swinging them around. They get some energy out, and I let go of some of the annoying, frustrating experiences of the day!

Fourth: Separate Everyone

Sometimes we all need some alone time. I get everyone in a separate place, including myself. We can all reset and just take a 5 minute break. In that break, think about how blessed you are to have children and to be chosen as their mother. They are the most important work you have. If you can’t put them in separate rooms, put them in special corners with a special toy, or set them up to color or paint. Painting is messy for us, but it really keeps them quiet for a while, so I can catch a breather.

Fifth: Have a No-Smile Contest

This works on my 5-year-old every time he’s super grumpy, and it will work on you too. When you are feeling lousy, look at one of your kids and have a contest to see who can keep from smiling. Your little one won’t last long, and their smile will make you smile. Keep playing until you are laughing. If you have just a baby, who can’t play, make yourself smile over and over while taking deep breaths. You can transform your mood by just making yourself smile!

Usually, within 5 minutes I am feeling much better after doing just one of these tips. There have been many, many times I’ve just taken a walk, while my husband’s managed the rascals for half an hour, but during the day, that’s not always realistic. Do you have any awesome ways to transform your mood as a mom? I would LOVE to hear more!


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  1. I love this! It is so refreshing to hear “happy mom” stories and not just the “struggling mom” stories. Here’s to another happy day in the life of us mommies!

  2. Chelsea Padgett Reply

    Great point Mama! I like to think I’m a happy mom, but I have challenging days…. that sometimes turn into weeks, LOL!

    • Katie Pickett Reply

      I know the challenging times can get really hard! Especially when I get in a funk, and I can’t get out of it, but overall, my heart is happy, even when things are messy and frustrating!

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