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Yep, you can give big this year without spending any money at all. And quite frankly, some of these ideas are better than wine openers or pillow shams from the clearance bin. I’m a frugal mama with a budget and a heart to save, so I really enjoy the creative callable during the holidays!

First, make a card with a free printable and offer your time.
There is nothing more precious than giving your time to someone.  If it’s a good friend, tell them you want to come over and help them with any projects or things they could use a hand with. Think of some meaningful way to give your time to those you love. Maybe it’s just listening to old stories or cleaning the house for your elderly aunt. Make it personal and make it something they need. Here are some super cute free prints from The Cottage Market. 
Host a holiday potluck.
The holidays are about spending time together. Make sure to have a phone basket, so no one can be on their phones and everyone enjoys food and talking. With a potluck, your guests gets a chance to show off their best holiday recipe, and you’ll be left making something you probably were going to make at some point any way. Have a left over be the favors by providing cute left over bags! Here are some super cute free left over bag prints from Oh Happy Day!
Create a personalized video. 
Send them a free video of your favorite moments from somewhere like iMovie if you have a apple or iPhone, or Animoto has a free trial to use. These are so special, and they can keep the video forever. Its a great way to experience  the memories you’ve built with someone, without having the costs of printing.
Invite them to volunteer somewhere with you.
Maybe it’s a soup kitchen or church event that you would love some company participating in. The idea is to spend time together and give back at the same time. There are many ways to serve without spending money, which you can recruit your friends and family to do with you instead of doing gifts. As for the same in return. Find a charity that really pulls on your heart and ask friends and family to donate to the charity, rather than buy gifts for you.
Give someone plant starts from your garden. 
Maybe you have a great garden, and you can invite your friends over to get starts from your plants. This is a great way to spend time together and offer your friends or family a great gift that doesn’t cost you any money! Here is a fun herb garden tutorial with mason jars. If you have a tiny budget, I found these modern DIY Terrariums that are so adorable! More details at Delineate Your Dwelling.
Gift giving doesn’t have to cost anything really, and I hope I’ve inspired you to give more than just items this year. These are just a few simple ways to think outside the box for your gift giving. Got any more fun tips?? Help me and add them in the comments!

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