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It’s holiday card time! I am so weird with holiday cards. I am either way too ambitious and want to make them totally gorgeous, or I don’t do them at all. Why can’t I just be normal?? Anyways, I have some great ways to make your beautiful, family holiday cards totally stand out and leave an impression with your family and friends. Here’s how you can go big with your cards this year

First, make them into ornaments, rather than your average card. I think this is genius because everyone will automatically want to put them on the tree. I found that Minted is a great place to do this. They have so many beautiful options on making your photos into gorgeous ornament holiday cards. They’ve of course got a great deal going on for the holidays with a coupon I saw on their site, be sure to look at the top banner on their site for a code!

Second, go for the booklet card. This is really going big, in my opinion, and oh-so pretty. I love photos, so this is right up my alley for family cards. Minted offers these as well. Such a beautiful way to update friends and family on everything you’ve all been up to and share your beautiful photos. I seriously love this idea, and they aren’t that much more in cost! You also get free recipient addressing, which helps. What’s also amazing about Minted is you can text them your photo, and they respond to you with a design! Let them do it for you, we all have enough to do haha!

Third, don’t forget the foil. Foil-pressed cards are so lovely. They really add such an elegant touch of sparkle that really make cards stand out. Minted has like a million option for foil-pressed cards (the one above is from their site). I really like the one below:

Fourth, try a Holiday postcard. I thought this was another idea that was so clever! I found it on Minted, which is obviously my new favorite place for holiday cards (and decor!!). Minted had such a fun selection of postcard style holiday cards, I got lost looking through them all. This is a less expensive way to go too because there is no envelope needed!

Fifth, be totally clever with your photos. This one is probably the hardest one to achieve because we all know how kids do in photos. Mine won’t even look at the camera. I talk more about how to take beautiful family photos with just your phone in this post. so it’s totally possible to capture your own moment if you don’t want to do the photographer thing. If you can’t come up with a cute photo, a cute saying will do the trick. Here’s some fun ones I like,

“Our Kind of Wonderful”

“Heaven and Nature Ring”

“May All Your Days Be Merry”

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