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My laundry situation can quickly get way out of hand. Our dryer recently decided to have electric problems, which forced me to really think about how I was organizing and managing my laundry situation. It wasn’t great. So, I decided to focus on ways I could simplify all the laundry for three, wild and dirty little boys, plus myself and husband. I have to admit, my own laundry is a lot because I run almost every day, which means I’ve got some smelly clothes to deal with every day. I came up with these 5 steps, which really help me keep things simple, and less intimidating. The laundry pile used to intimidate me, and I would shove the clothes back in the washer, rather than put them away. Here’s what I came up with that’s really helped me.

Do A Load and Put is Away Every Day:

This actually really helps me! I can’t stand putting the clothes away. Especially when the pile is too high. So, if I keep it smaller (and organized, which I will get to soon!), I can manage getting it all put away. If I do a load every day, we don’t run out of clean clothes, I don’t see such a big pile, and it takes me less time to handle the laundry load. Putting away small loads is also rewarding, so it will be positive reinforcement to keep going. I wash our clothes with all® free clear which is perfume-free, dye-free and  hypoallergenic. all® free clear is the #1 Recommended Detergent by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians for sensitive skin. We’ve been struggling this spring with allergies, and we just got a puppy, so . all® free clear is a great choice because it removes 99% of everyday and seasonal allergens. Washing with all® free clear helps remove three of the top everyday allergens dust mite matter, cat and dog dander, as well as certain fragrances. all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies, but it definitely helps wash the allergens away!

Get Baskets and Baskets:

I fold and put away clothes in designated baskets to help me get them put away. I can carry one basket to each room and quickly get the clean clothes in their spot. It makes things way easier. AND, if I get interrupted (which is inevitable), I can quickly put the clothes, sans-folded, into the boxes, so I don’t leave the pile thrown all over the place. I can always put the box in the room the clothes belong, then come back and fold and put away. Simple and easy.

Socks and Underwear Get Their Own Bucket:

I just can’t seem to keep socks and underwear straight for my boys. I find them everywhere, particularly socks. As I clean them up, and they aren’t dirty, I put them in the bin. I always just have clean socks ready to go in the bin. One spot that is easy to access for on-the-go moments. Underwear is the same. It just keeps the messiness at bay, and helps me find some when I need them.

Always Have Hangers Ready:

There are many shirts I put in a pile to hang…then somehow they get put on a bed and end up on the floor. I found that if I have hangers ready to go, as I am folding I get the hanging items on the hangers right there. Convenience is key to my simple tricks. It is absolutely necessary with three little helpers around at all times.

Have A Laundry Station:

I have a simple station with everything I need. This works well even if you don’t have a laundry room. Our laundry is in a small area with a water heater, so I created a station to bring the laundry to and from. All my boxes and organizers are there, so I can quickly get things in the right place.

These are my quick, 5 tips that have helped me transform my laundry situation and make it much more maneagable with three little ones. Not to mention our T-ball practices and games, swimming and beach clothes that literally fill my dirty baskets every day. I have baskets for dirty clothes, clean clothes, socks, underwear, my clothes, husbands clothes…shoes….you get the idea. If I have a place to put everything right away, it doesn’t clutter and pile up, and I can always find what I need in a desperate moment when we are running late!


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