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Well Joanna of HGTV’s Fixer Upper is really somebody I look up to. She is insanely creative, completely humble, and totally successful. In my attempt to be a better creative, I’ve put together a tutorial to decorate your home with all the Fixer Upper feels. Let’s let the obsession roll, and I hope this helps you achieve your inner Joanna dreams. This post contains affiliate links. 

First Tip: Create A Focal Point

HGTV writes about how one of Joanna’s favorite tips is to create a focal point. When talking about the holidays, this usually means the mantle or where the Christmas tree is. Then, you can decorate around the focal point to tie the rest of the home together. Take a look at this set up Joanna did for the Magnolia House B&B:

photography by Rachel Whyte

What I love about this area is the simplicity in colors. The tree is all gold, allowing for red as an accent color and more greenery to be used throughout the B&B. When you are deciding on your focal point, think about what people will see first when they walk in the door OR where you spend most of your time. Once you have your place in mind, you can start thinking about your color scheme.

photography Rachel Whyte

Tip 2: Stick To A Simple Color Scheme

Joanna is sooooo good at this. She creates a visual that is so cohesive, it’s magic. Her colors blend so perfectly, yet she adds accents that really pop and create personality.  This Instagram post is a perfect example of this tip:

I love the simplicity and the texture too! Color schemes usually involve just a few colors. Green, red and gold. Or Green, gold and silver. If you start with your tree, you can pick one or two colors to decorate with, then stick to those colors through out your house. That way, everything blends together, and your home has the cohesive look Joanna Gaines is so good at! PS, you can also shop all her style at Target with the new Hearth & Hand line. Warning, it’s dangerous!

Tip 3: Lot’s of Green

In most of the holiday decor photos by Joanna, green is a major player. It’s fresh, simple and there’s lots of options. Then, she adds the accent colors around the greenery. This looks particularly pretty because she uses a lot of white walls as the background. If you don’t have white walls, think about white as one of your accent colors to get the fresh, minimal look Joanna often does. Take a look at these photos:

Finishing up Christmas details at the shop today- up next is the farmhouse! #dontjudge #bestimeoftheyear @magnoliamarket

A post shared by Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) on

Green is also easy to find. Many of us can walk outside and clip some, and the craft stores are full of it. You can also order artificial on Amazon, which will then last you year after year!

Tip 4: Embrace Vintage and Family Antiques

Joanna is known for putting time into using memorable pieces. Maybe you have some vintage pieces that were passed down, or items you’ve found in thrift stores. Use them as a part of your decor. You can dress it up with greenery, like Joanna does, so you can tell the story. Vintage isn’t perfect, and that’s part of the charm. See how she pulls out her saved and loved serving ware.

Tip 5: Use Wreaths Indoors

Wreaths aren’t just for the front door. You can get a lot of decorating bang for your buck by putting them inside. They add to the green flowing through the home, and give the holiday feels in every room they hang. Make sure to check out the14 jaw-dropping, elegant DIY wreaths that look totally expensive.

I’ve got my lucky Baylor socks on, Christmas music playing, and my two favorite girls with me. It’s a good day. #sicem

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Tip 6: Buy The Right Pieces

You do have to make sure you grab the right pieces to fill your home and make it bright. For example, the sign in Joanna’s kitchen, you can grab it off Amazon!

I have a lot of holiday decor items to buy this year because we moved, and I decided I wanted to redesign my holiday themes. So, it’s the perfect time for me to buy some great pieces that are Joanna Gaines approved!  Sometimes it’s the right pieces that really make a big difference!

Tip 7: Don’t be Afraid to DIY

Well obviously Joanna Gaines is a huge fan of DIY gifts and decor, and she’s shows us just that on her Magnolia Market blog. I’m obsessed with this DIY of hers for Mini Christmas Tree Topiaries. Super darling, and totally do-able. The key with doing DIY’s is to find things that are simple and elegant. If they are simple, you can do them without it looking like your four-year-old made them. I honestly wasn’t sure what a Topiary was until I saw this. Now I’m in love!

Well let’s all get to our decorating for the holidays this year and hope we come out with some fabulous Fixer Upper inspired spaces. If not, just pop some Champagne and drink enough to pretend it did! Just joking…kinda. If you’ve read this far I hope this all helped and please send me more tips you may have. I need them!

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