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Lets face it, just being a mom is exhausting. Being a present, engaged and enthusiastic mom is something more than exhausting. It can put you in a mental daze of pure brain overload. Combine that with sleepless nights from sick kids, sleep training, or the black hole of social media, and its a recipe for our bodies to short circuit.

You can still be a good mom, even when life throws you to the wind and leaves you with black bags under your eyes and hair slicked back with baby powder. These ways involve no television or electronics. Just pure, tired, creativity.
Story of my life. The baby lost his shoe, and no one is looking. 

Here’s 7 Ways to Be A Legit Mom When You’re Tired AF

1. Play Them An Audible Story:
This has been a life-saver for me when bed time rolls in, and I am way too tired to read or tell stories. I hate to dissapoint my kids, so I have Audible. Stories read aloud for me! The kids still get their story time, and you can snooze until they fall asleep. Or just fall asleep to the story with them.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks to see if it works for your kids! You can search stories based on age, which is helpful because it’s hard to decide what stories will hold your child’s attention.

2. Take Them Somewhere New, Where You Won’t Know Anyone
I know when I’m exhausted, my social skills go out the window. If I take my kids somewhere new, they occupy themselves better. They have a blast while I wander around aimlessly and smiling. This gives my mind the break it needs. I literally get talked-out with my toddlers’ non-top chatter.
3. Drive Around Town and Drive Thru
This is one time to break the rules and let them eat in the car. (Does anyone ever follow that rule??). Give them a snack, put on an Audible story or fun kids music, and let the kids enjoy their snacks and entertainment while you drive and relax. Anyo e else like to just drive?
4. Go to the Goodwill or a Second-Hand Store
I did this just the other day. I believe in spending as little as possible on toys. I prefer less toys to clean up, and I didn’t want to let my tiredness break me down into purchasing all kinds of toys to keep my boys busy. We played at the Goodwill. Found some awesome toys and grabbed the game, Guess Who! My kids had no idea I was totally exhausted, and $20 later, we walked out with a police and fire station doll house, race cars and more. We got home and they played so nicely with their new toys, which gave me some much-needed space.
5. Have a Delivery Guy Come
A delivery is so fun with kids. Pizza and no cooking is even better. I let the kids pay, and then they get to eat their favorite food. I never have to leave my pajamas. Perfect. There are so many options out their now to get some great food delivered, it’s just a no-brainer for those super tired days.
6. Sink Baths
For some reason, a sink bath is super special. Even for my 4.5 year old who barely fits. Its a new place to play in water. I like to put one kid in at a time with bubbles and cups. They are so entertained, and they can’t fight because they aren’t together. Kids have fun while I watch or lay on the floor with eyes my eyes closed.
6. Lay On The Floor
Speaking of laying on the floor, my kids love it when I just lay down on their level. They think I’m playing by letting them climb all over me. They have no idea I’m half asleep. I’m sleeping, I know where they are and they are having a blast.
7. Have Them Read You Stories
Sometimes my kids have too much energy to listen to stories, and I am way too tired to create captivating content for toddlers, so I tell my kids to pretend they are the parents putting me to bed. I sleep while they read. Again, they think its a game, and I’m snoozing. At some point they get tired, and I convince them to fall asleep with me.
What do you do when you’re super tired? TV is obviously a big help, but I try to think outside the box, so my kids still think I’m super cool. They do think I’m amazing when I turn their favorite show on, but I force myself to find other ways.

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  1. Love this list! And haha, love the idea of letting your kids play at Goodwill. We end up buying a lot of toys, but like you said, they’re so cheap! I tend to buy my son a lot of toys at yard sales and thrift stores and donate them a few months later when he gets bored of them. I probably still spend way less money than if I had bought a few toys new.

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