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It is the season for road trips, which can be a nightmare for families with small children, who can only sit for so long. BUT, I found some amazing hacks to make summer road trips smooth and painless…even fun for everyone, including the parents!

First, we can’t deny the benefits of electronic entertainment, and if your car doesn’t have a DVD/ movie system, YOU CAN BUY THEM CHEAP!! They are on Amazon, and you just hook it up. So awesome. This one is only $130, the one pictured, and there are some options under $100 out there.

A cereal box used as a garbage can. This is so wonderful because of all the trash that adds up with snacks. You can also grab one of these trash/water bottle holder containers on Amazon, which I like for more organized storage.

Next, your kids can play on their own car seat tray, which this blogger made with a cookie sheet. Super cute tutorial because the kids can decorate and make their own. She glued hers to a DIY pillow, so it sits up just high enough and comfortably. I thought this one was awesome because it is like getting a new toy, and NO FIGHTING because they each have their own!

Next, you can get an organizer to hang over the back of the seat for storage of all the things kids come with. I like the idea of a shoe organizer, but this one off Amazon is AWESOME! As in, does everything you could possible need, along with tablet holder, which if you have the tablets you need, you don’t need the DVD player!

The seat belt pillow is everything to me. You can make your own following this tutorial, which is super simple, and the pillow folds over the seat belt. They also have these nifty ones on Amazon that you can grab, so everyone can get their naps, including the parent passenger.


A travel Lego box is fabulous for girls and boys. I LOVED Legos when I was little, and this tutorial from Live A Little Wilder makes things easy. Amazon also has a ton of great options.

DIY busy box is the way to go. I would suggest pulling these out half way through the trip for some solid entertainment when things can go south. I also think making them surprises is the best way to go, so they kids have no idea what is in them.  Making of A Mom has this cute tutorial to get you started on your own.

The Lean Green Bean also has some fun busy box ideas I think are great for any time you need some solid entertainment!

Lastly, bring a hand-held, battery-operated vacuum. You will need it more than you think!! It will help keep you feeling semi-civil, as snacks and sippy cups get thrown all over the place!

Make sure you have a good stroller. Whether it is a day trip, or a long road trip, you will need your stroller! I don’t go anywhere without mine.


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