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There are few things in life sweeter than the feeling of holding your baby close.  However when all you really want to do is hold your sweet little one yet there is so much to do around the house, what is a mom to do?  Thankfully there is this wonderful thing called “baby wearing”.  This has been done for centuries throughout the world by women of all walks of life. 

There are many companies out there that produce multiple styles of baby carrying products.  Hopefully by the end of this article you will have an idea of which style baby carrier you feel will work best with your baby and lifestyle as well as the pros and cons of baby wearing.


Pros to Baby Wearing

When it comes to the pros of baby wearing, one of the first things moms tend to think of is having their baby as close as possible while having their hands free.  This is beneficial for more reasons than just your comfort and peace of mind however.  Studies have shown that baby wearing can decrease fussiness in babies and provide them with better sleep as well as encouraging them to nurse beyond the average age of five months. 

One benefit that is specifically for you is the exercise.  Even if you are only wearing your baby for a couple hours a day, carrying around the extra weight while you go about your daily routine helps rebuild those core muscles after giving birth.  Talk about an enjoyable ab workout! 

Some other benefits to baby wearing include creating a deeper bond between you and your baby. It can also provide an easier time when it comes to nursing depending on the carrier style you choose.  Obviously these are just a few of the many pros to baby wearing.  But they are definitely some pretty big ones!


Cons to Baby Wearing

While there are many pros to baby wearing, there are also cons.  One of the cons that scares many mommas about baby wearing is the concern of their baby being able to breathe while in the carrier.   Whether you choose a wrap, sling, or carrier they all come with specific instructions.  These days it is quite easy to find a video tutorial online for whichever one you choose. 

A less drastic con to baby wearing is that it can get hot!  There are lightweight materials.  No matter how lightweight the material is, it cannot make up for the extra body heat of your baby wrapped close to you while you are moving around. 

Additional cons include things such as when you drop something on the floor, bending over to pick it up becomes an interesting feat!  If you have a baby who tends to suffer from reflux, you may want to try to wear your baby during the time of day their tummy is most settled.  After all, nobody is fond of being spit up on!  Despite the cons to baby wearing, many mothers find that the benefits are much more prevalent!


Moby Wrap

Choosing the right style and brand of carrier for wearing your baby can be a daunting task.  So many companies have popped up over the last several years. It is easy to get lost in the massive number of options!  One of the most popular brands is Moby.  The Moby Wrap is one of the most commonly used styles. 

mother wrapping a sling for baby wearing

With the wide material, you don’t have to worry about straps digging into your shoulders yet it provides the same support to your back as a regular carrier.  The only downside to the Moby Wrap is that your baby wearing is limited to facing your chest.  The wrap is not suitable for having them facing forward.  Moby does have carrier options that can be chest or forward facing.  These can be great for when your little one is getting more curious about the world around them. They will want to see what is going on! 

As with many companies who produce baby wearing products, Moby also has a sling.  When wearing your baby in a sling, you will want to alternate which side the ring is on.  With several patterns and colors to choose from, it is easy to see why so many people choose Moby!



Another excellent brand for baby wearing gear is LILLEbaby.  This company also has the traditional wrap as well as multiple designs of carriers.  LILLEbaby has carriers that are not only suitable for both chest and outward facing, some of them can also be worn on your back giving you more movement with your arms.  These can be quite ideal for when you want to wear your baby but know that you will need range of motion with your arms than you would have if you were wearing them on your chest. 

mother baby wearing with a baby carrier

Keep in mind, baby wearing with your baby on your back should only be done once your baby is able to easily hold their head up on their own.  Need to give your arm a break from carrying your baby on your hip but that is their favorite way to be held?  No worries!  LILLEbaby has carriers that can transition to side carriers.  LILLEbaby is another excellent choice of companies to consider. They have many designs to choose from and a very competitive price range.

Trying to decide if you want to begin baby wearing can be a big decision.  While it does have many benefits (as we mentioned earlier), it isn’t for everyone.  Some mommas wait until their baby is a little older, able to turn their head on their own.  Some start baby wearing right away.  Just as with anything relating to kids, there is not a perfectly uniform method or product that works for every single kid in the world.  When you are ready to begin baby wearing, it doesn’t matter if you decide to use a sling, wrap, or carrier it will still be a wonderful bonding experience. 

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