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Organizing your home for back to school season can make your mornings and afternoons a million times easier. I had my first school season experience last year, and I learned a lot of lessons…the hard way. Having organized spaces for school work, back packs, shoes, socks and papers is incredibly helpful! I can’t tell you the papers I lost, the shoes I couldn’t find and the mis-matched socks my oldest wore. He even wore a uniform, and I still struggled to keep him appropriately dressed. Luckily, my middle one didn’t need a uniform, but he did need a snack, which was more like a full-on lunch.

Let’s get into some amazing, and simple organization tips and tricks for getting ahead of the game for the school year:

First, plan a backpack center like these. They are simple, and allow for a special place kids can hang their backpacks up on their own! 

source: organized chaos

This Backpack organization center is my favorite because there are three boys, like me!

source I Am Batmom

Next up, a homework station. Or for me, a home school station. I am sending one to preschool, and homeschooling the other!

Clean Mama created this little caddy, which is simple and easy!


Visit polkadotchair and she goes over everything you need, and how she made this!

I love this idea from Design Improvised

This is a super cute little station by House of Smiths

THIS IS EVERYTHING! A shoe organizing system that isn’t a bin on the floor. I tried that, it doesn’t work. But I am doing this one this year from Wonderful Ideas For You.

I needed a better paper organization system like this. On the wall makes it less cluttery!



I have papers piled in binders. This is much better!


Create a Drop-off center! I so needed this last year. All the stuff! 

Create a School Closet like this one from Family Maven

Try an artwork/school work binder like this one from MondoCherry

Chore charts are actually fun for kids, and things seem to get messier with the school season! I LOVE this chore chart idea from A Spotted Pony.


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